These are my goals for the year 2016 - Shamar Karangu

TOP 5 GOALS!!!!!

  • - Maintain a 3.7 or up
  • - Continue to stay focus
  • - Get my driving permit
  • - Make an A in accelerated geometry
  • - Not waiting until the last minute to do work


I believe that obtaining these goals will aid me in getting the career in which I desire in the future. For example, a 3.7 gpa is the average gpa at the college I wish to attend. Stay focused make sure that I know my priorities and what needs to be done before fun. Outside of school I would like to get my drivers permit on March 27, in which I turn 15. Also, making an A in accelerated 10th grade geometry will be a great accomplishment, with this being a 10th grade course, and i inally, I believe that not waiting until the last minute to do my work will help me do better work, which will help me maintain a 3.7 GPA. Ultimately, all of these goals will help me to live a successful life in the future.
Why Do We Fall - Motivational Video
Post Malone - White Iverson (Instrumental)