Farm to Plate

Intro to Community Supported Agriculture

So what is it?

We often talk about that amazing "off the vine" flavor everyone seeks, but when our produce comes from big box stores we often can't find such high quality produce. Even at farmers markets you sometimes cannot find food as fresh as you prefer it to be. Imagine though if the food left your farm and its only destination was your house and your plate. How amazing would that be? Well now it is very possible with Community Supported Agriculture programs. These programs allow you to buy a "share" in a farm, which basically means buying a subscription to the food, and then the farmer sends you a box of fresh produce every week of the season. This benefits not only the consumer but the farmer as well because he/she now has a new market for the goods, and can start selling their produce more.
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I buy shares of the strawberry at Lola's Farm every spring and summer, and pick red raspberries at another. Miles Blueberry farm is also a CSA, though not listed, and I eat their blueberries. Shown is the fruit basket where I combined all of my berries, including my own wild grown blackberries. Looks delicious, doesn't it? I firmly believe in the benefits of literal farm fresh food.
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Joining a CSA

So you are liking the idea of a CSA? It makes sense to want to research it a little more. Below I have attached a link to Local Harvest's webpage on these programs. There you will find more information and a map that shows all the farms that participate all over the country. It's pretty neat, so check it out!