Units in Technology

By: Ryan


One of our units in technology was to create an iTrailer. We had to create an iTrailer about something that is going to happen or did happen but I did my whole family and our vacations. The iTrailer feature is found in the iMovie app and allows a user to place photos and videos into a movie or trailer. The options are limited but the apps still work well.
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Explain Everything

Another one of our units in technology class was to create an Explain Everything about a math problem. It was an easy app to use and it was handy because all the features were in one place. We were able to put images, text, handwriting, extra slides, and record our voice.
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Haiku Deck

After doing Career Locker, we used a program called Haiku Deck. Haiku Deck is a program that allows a user to make slides while being able to add images, titles, and text. It got the job done really nicely explaining my future career. It was a very simple app and the features were all easily accessible.
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Near the end of the year we used Code.org to learn how to code. It used the coding bubbles for beginners to help teach kids and even some adults the fundamentals of coding. I enjoyed the coding unit because I really enjoy computers and seeing my work have effect.
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Career Locker

One of our units was to visit Career locker. We had to fill surveys and learn about future jobs we may want to do in the future. It was easy to navigate around and overall it was a nice website. It was helpful in finding out future career options. The guidance councilor came to help us along the way.
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Learn to Type

Every technology class for five minuets , we worked on Learn to Type. We improved our skills with typing drills. Between various lessons we learned the right way to type and typing drills. There are many lessons and to get a four, we have to complete 6 lessons.
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