The geography of southern africa

By: Raed 1

Namib desert

The namib desert is a costal desert in southern africa. namib means vast place. the namib is one of the most oldest deserts in the world. It streches more than 2000 kilometers. Some sand dunes are 20 miles long. it is important because there are alot of tourists.

Cape of Good hope

it is a rocky place. it is home to 250 speces of birds. The cape of good hope was discovered in 1486 by Bartholomew Dias, a Portuguese navigator. The goal of his journey was to sail around the southern point of Africa to find a trade rout to India. With the discovery the cape of good hope the Portuguese continued their expansion of their empire in india

Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari desert stretches across 7 countries. The Kalahari desert is not really a desert. it receives lot of rainfall and is a semi desert. it stretches across 7 countries- Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, the republic of south Africa, Namibia, the democratic republic of Congo. The Kalahari desert has many game reserves, with animals like lions, brown-hyenas, meerkats, and many species of antelope.

Victoria Falls

Victoria falls is located on the borders between Zimbabwe and Zambia. the falls originate from the Zambezi river, which is in northern Zambia. it is named after the queen of England Victoria. It was discovered by a Scottish explorer named david living stone. it is 5604 feet wide and 354 feet in height.


johannesburg is a city and is the economic hub of south Africa. it is the worlds largest man made urban forest having around 6 million trees. the apartheid museum is located in Johannesburg .