Gender Equality

The thing holding YOU back.

What is gender equality?

Gender equality is when all genders, both male/female/trans/other are represented and supported equally. This means equal opportunities, equal pay, equal living opportunities- EQUAL. Not one above the other or one below the other. According to the GII, most countries have ridiculously large differences between the genders, when there should be none at all. To read more, please visit the following site:

How do we combat this?

Simple, YOU get involved. Speak out about gender inequality providing facts and stats about how unequal the world really is. 3rd world countries tend to be more equal than developed countries- how silly is that? If business owners start giving out wages based on work, not on gender, this would also cut down on this problem. In day to day live- TREAT PEOPLE THE SAME. No one deserves special treatment for being a certain gender.

Your help is needed!

Do you want to get started today? Check out the following sites and projects or start your own in your area to end gender inequality!,%20Gupta,%20&%20Kes.htm

Everyone deserves a chance to live like anyone else, if they take that chance or not is their choice- but the choice should be there!

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