3-School Newsletter

Cooper Landing, Hope, and Moose Pass Schools

April 17, 2023

Moose Pass School: Mark Your Calendar

Monday 4/17 - Site Based Council Meeting 3:30PM

Monday 4/24 - TriMathlon 4th and 5th Grades (check student's folders for permission form)

Monday 5/1 - New Student Orientation (See Attached Flyer at the Bottom of the Newsletter)

Friday 5/12 - 3 School Field Day/Picnic at Hope School: MPS is bringing side dishes

Thursday 5/18 - Last Day of School

T-Shirt, Mug, Tote Bag Sale Still Open:

Check out this awesome design that the students made with Ms. Laura last Year: https://www.bonfire.com/store/moose-pass-school/

Share the link with friends and family!

Cooper Landing School Updates

PAC Meeting

Thursday, May 4 will be the last PAC meeting of the year. It will be held over Zoom at 5:00 pm.

Field Day & Picnic at Hope School

On Friday, May 12, we will be going to Hope School for Field Day and picnic. Cooper Landing School has signed up to bring desserts. If you can send/bring something, it would be appreciated. We will leave Cooper Landing at 9:00 am and will be back by 3:00 pm. We need to know which parents are planning on going so we can figure out transportation. Please let Tommy know ASAP. If you haven't yet returned your child's consent form, please do so. Thanks.


Graduation is Monday, May 15 at 6:00 pm in school gym. All are welcome!

Last Day of School

The last day of school is Thursday, May 18.

Kindergarten Orientation

If you or anyone you know will have a child who will be five years of age by September 1, please call to register for our kindergarten orientation. Date/time TBD.

Donation Link

Many of you have been asking how to make an online donation to our school with your credit card. Here is a link: https://kpbsd.revtrak.net/k-12-schools/Cooper-Landing/cooper-landing-fundraiser/ Please note that a fee of 3.6% will be added to the total. Thank you for your support!

Hope School Happenings

Hello Students and Parents,

Our students are doing a great job in Mrs. Peck's room with their weaving, pottery, needle point and seem to be intent on finishing all their projects, before the last day of school. So much is going on for the rest of the school year. Our high school students have been busy working out the details for the upcoming Field Day next month. They have concluded their work for these items and seem to be looking forward to enjoying the day with Moose Pass and Cooper Landing. It is going to be a wonderful event for all students.

In Mr. McKibben's room, the students have all been working on planting some more seeds and caring for their seedlings. We are so proud of the younger students who have taken math to a new level of learning. We support Jason, Valor, Nigel and Ella as they go on to participate in the Trimathalon in Soldotna. Best wishes in the competition!

We have a final PTO meeting coming up on May 2nd at 3:45 PM at the Hope School. I encourage all parents to participate. If you have not attend a meeting, now is the time to come. The PTO minutes and Agendas can be found on our District School site. Remember you can get up to date information about District and School news at https://kpbsd.org/

Parents we look forward to the Title 1 Reading Picnic on April 27th at 2:30. Please bring your quilts and enjoy time reading with you students. Light snacks and drinks will be provided. We will conclude at dismissal. We all look forward to seeing you.

Please remember to read below for important dates pertaining to upcoming events. We would love for all of you to participate in as much as you would like.

Immunization records portal is available for you at https://docket.care/ . This is an easy one and done process to obtain these records. Our Nurses hope you find this link helpful. Thank you Nurse Miller for sharing this with us. Thank you also to our Nursing Services Department for keeping us up to date with information to best help our students.

Tiny Tots will continue until the last week students are in attendance. We have all enjoyed our little community friends coming to the school. They are so welcomed to be here. Their smiles light up my this school so much.

Important Dates:

April 24th, 2023: Trimathalon in Soldotna

April 27th, 2023: Title I Reading Picnic 2:30-3:30

May 2nd, 2023: PTO Meeting at 3:45

May 12th, 2023: Field Day at the Hope School


Tiny Tots Gym (Ages 0-5):

Tuesday and Thursday of each week through January and February from 9:00am - 11:00Bring your tot and play in the gym while you chat with other parents! This is a parent supervised activity. There will not be any school supervision. Please see flyer for further details.

Volunteers and Substitute Teachers

Hope School is always happy to have substitute teachers and volunteers. Opportunity is available for both positions currently. Please consider one or both positions https://www.applitrack.com/kpbsd/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Volunteer+Screening+Process

Here is a link to your new school calendar for this school year.


COVID POLICY: Covid information available on district website: https://www.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/content.aspx?id=42180

Hope School Staff