Black Holes

. . . giant vacuums in space!

Companions . . .

They are part of binary star systems sucking in gases from it's smaller, bright partner star.

Will all stars become black holes?

Only stars 10 to 15 times the mass of the star become black holes.

When do they occur?

Black holes may form after a supernova - an exploding star.

Where are they found in the universe?

Large black holes are found in the center of galaxies.

Why can't we see what happens inside a black hole?

The gravity from the implosion of these massive stars is so great that nothing, not even light, can escape it's force.

Where do black holes go?

Scientists believe that black holes are openings to tunnels called "wormholes". These pathways could lead to extremely fast travel through space - possibly to another universe. It could be allow time travel. NO ONE KNOWS!