Christ The Redeemer

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This is a map of Brazil


Christ The Redeemer is located in Rio, a country in Brazil. On top of Corcravado Peak, which is near the center of the city.


120 feet tall and 98 feet wide, weighing more than 635 tons. This statue is made entirely of cement and soapstone. The Christ The Redeemer statue depicts Christ with his arms spread wide in a welcoming gesture, this is probably a nod too him being the redeemer of the world. This statue has a small chapel dedicated to the saint of Brazil that was placed at the base for the statues 75 anniversary.

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Vizerra


The idea started in the 1850's when a catholic priest asked Princess Isabelle for money to build a statue of Christ, he was declined. Then in 1921 the Catholic-Circle of Rio collected signatures and money to make a privately funded Christian monument. Construction of this began a year later in 1922 and 9 years after, the project was finished by architect Heitor Da Silva Costa, and was released to the public on 10/12/1931

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This is the Chapel of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Rios patron saint which is located at the base of the statue

BRAZIL-WORLD CUP-CHRIST STATUE (Christ the Redeemer statue bathed in yellow and green light)

Fun fact

The video above is the 2014 world cup where Brazil lit up the Christ the redeemer statue too celebrate their national team making it too the semi finals.... Sadly they lost 7-1 to Germany making it the biggest loss in world cup history.


The small Chapel of Nossa Senhora Aparecida at the base of the statue hosts weddings, baptisms and Mass on Sundays. Many local Christians make pilgrimages to the statue on holidays. This statue symbolizes the conviction of Brazil to their lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Shocking Fact

The statue was struck by lightning during a major electrical storm in 2008, fortunately it was not damaged very badly due to the insulating properties of soapstone. However, damage to the fingers, eyebrows and head did occur. Work was undertaken to restore these points on the statue and some of the soapstone was removed and replaced.

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Workers, trying to fix the damage done to Christ The Redeemer


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