friday night lights

by: H.G Bissinger

H.G Bissinger

H.G Bissinger was a reporter and editor at the philadelphia inquirer for 7 years. He has recived the pulitzer prize, the livingston award, the national headliner award, and the american bar association's silver gavel for his reportage. he also attended the school of harvard university.

The book

Friday Night Lights is about race, politics, and education. it is about a 32 year old man who was not drafted to the NFL. He did not have a very successful carrer in football, or his job as a bartender. so when the once in a lifetime chance came up, he tried out for the philadelphia eagles, and made the team.

his big play

in the playyoffs against the cowboys it was vince's time to shine. his friend always told him if the linemen's knuckles were red he is coming at you if not< he is droping back. in the last play of the game vice was on defense. cowboys were down a touchdown with 3 seconds to go on the eagles 20 yardline. The linemens knuckles were red so vince called an autoble and interceptid the ball. he saved the game under the friday night lights