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Home of the Dragons, November 5, 2021

Looking for Parent Volunteers to Help Supervise the Yard at Recess @ Lunch

We need your help! We are looking for some parent volunteers to help supervise our students in the yard as we are having challenges finding enough support during recess and lunch. The focus will be to ensure our children stay safe and support positive play during this unstructured time.

While this is a great opportunity to be on campus there are some specific requirements in order to volunteer:

    • Consistent day and time commitment for lunch and afternoon recess duty each week for the rest of the school year.

    • Volunteers will be trained in the specific areas and games they will be monitoring when out on the yard supervising student play.

    • Vaccination: Parents must be vaccinated in order to be on campus.

Also note, to ensure objectivity we will be asking parents to supervise play areas that are different from where your child plays in our yard.

If you are interested, please fill out this form, Parent Volunteers for Recess and Lunch Duty @ Duveneck School.

Thank you in advance for volunteering. This will be an incredible help for our school.

COVID Clinic Registration

On Tuesday, November 9, we are officially switching our onsite COVID testing to the COVID Clinic. I want to acknowledge that there were problems last week with the registration process. Here is the link to use to register your child for a COVID test for next Tuesday's Covid Clinic at Duveneck School:


We hope next Tuesday's process will run better and the students who are signed up to be tested will be tested.

Vaccinations for 5-11 Year Old Children: What are the Protocols if Your Child has a Reaction

Here is the protocol from our district nurse:

This is the flow chart for post vaccination side effects from the county:


Basically fever, fatigue, headaches, chills, and muscle or joint pain have to stay home for 48 hours and as long as it resolves in those 48 hours they’re good. If it lasts longer than 48 hours they need to be tested.

Cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and loss of taste or smell however must follow regular testing protocols.

CASSY Presentation, Tuesday, November 9, 6-7 PM

CASSY has an upcoming presentation on Tuesday, November 9th, from 6-7 PM. (Please see flyer below.) The intent of this presentation is to help support families by providing strategies on how to connect with their children and support their connection to others as well. The presentation is mostly geared towards families with elementary aged students, however middle school families may have an interest as well.

There will also be time at the end for Q&A with the parents.

This is going to be hosted by Brittney Tabel, one of our CASSY therapists who works at Ohlone.

The zoom link can be found here and is also on the attached flyer.


Partners in Education (PiE): Your Support Needed!

Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE) is an incredible partner of our school. Funding from PiE allows us to provide many more staff, including instructional aides in every classroom, that our budget would otherwise allow. PiE’s funding provides specialized art, PE and music programs that enhance the academics for each student. The difference in the school with PiE’s support is remarkable. It would be a very different place without this additional funding.

To reach our school’s goal, we need 29 more families to make a gift. A donation, in any amount that is meaningful for your family, makes a difference to our community and our school.

If you have already donated to PiE this year, we appreciate your support! If you have not, we ask you to please consider making a donation now. If you donate or pledge by November 15th, your donation may be matched by a Challenge Grant. You can find out all the ways to make a contribution on PiE’s website at: https://papie.org/donate/.

Thank you for being a wonderful member of the Duveneck community.❤️

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