All Day Pre-K

Room 8 & Room 9


Wednesday, October 21- Lunch & Learn (Reading Magic by Mem Fox) 11:30-12:30
Thursday and Friday, October 22-23 - Parent/Teacher Conferences (No school)
Sunday, October 25 - Lamplighter at the Auboritum, 3:00-5:00
Friday, October 30 - Halloween Parade and Celebration at 10:30
Wednesday, November 4 - Room 9 Pansy Planting at 2:30
Friday, November 6 - Room 8 Pansy Planting at 2:30

Integrated Learning

The children enjoyed learning about the four seasons. Our next unit is all about one of the students' favorite holidays, Halloween! Some of centers include: symmetrical bats, candy corn addition, coloring ghost patterns, making candy witches' brew and pumpkin people. Be sure to ask your child to sing one of our Halloween songs.


Our next few letters of study are "Cc" and "Aa." Each lesson includes a book all about our letter of focus; demonstration and practice of proper letter formation, and a brainstorming time to come up with words that start with our literacy letter. Children also have the opportunity to explore playing copy cat, color codes, candle painting, crayon patterns, alphabet puzzles, acorn addition, an ant flip book, and armadillo dot-to-dot.

Social Studies

Our study of families continues with a look at siblings and Halloween traditions.


In P.E. we have been practicing throwing. We are playing games that help us become better throwers. Ask your child to tell you about the different throwing games we have been playing.

Environmental Science

Please help your nature explorer have a safe and fun time outdoors by wearing athletic shoes and easy care clothing to school every day!

Your child has been using their senses to taste fruits and vegetables and using the leftover cores and peels to help our compost bins grow to make new “special” soil. The compost will be fun to watch when we add the class Halloween pumpkin and observe how the compost bin changes over the next couple months. We will also take a “sensory” hike where the students explored the sights, smells, and sounds of our Lamplighter creek area.

This fall we will be observing and learning about cycles in our outdoor education areas. Composting our pumpkins, caterpillar-butterfly observations and watching growing gourds are some of the many cycles we will be watching right in our own Lamplighter gardens!

Ask your child….. “Tell me about cycles you’ve found at Lamplighter.”


We have finished up our color mixing unit. If your child has not sung the primary or secondary color songs, ask them to sing them for you today! As we move beyond color mixing our next unit expands past primary and secondary colors to learn about the color spectrum and Roy G. Biv (colors of the rainbow).


This month in Spanish we are learning Halloween vocabulary. We will concentrate on the parts of our face and colors while talking about jack-o-lanterns and fall. Ask your child how to say pumpkin in Spanish!

Ask you child...

What does the word symmetrical mean?
Who is Roy G. Biv?
Tell me some words that start with C.

If you ever have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask!