Legal Drinking Age

Why should the legal drinking age be lowered?

Legal Drinking Age in the United States

  • Minimum drinking age in the U.S is 21

Drinking Age Around the World

  • Several countries do not have a legal drinking age
  • Italy, German, Haiti & more- minimum drinking age is 16 years old
  • China, Greece & more- 18 years old
  • Indonesia, United States & more- 21 years old
  • India- 25 years old

Average Drinking Age

  • In fifty countries the drinking age is lower than 18
  • In twelve countries it is higher than 18
  • The average drinking age listed is 15.9 years old

Drinking in the "Old Days"

  • There were not many drinking laws "back in the day"
  • Laws were based on the percentage of alcohol within the drinks

Effects of the Vietnam War

  • 18 year olds were drafted into the war
  • Legal drinking age was lowered
  • Soon to be raised right back up

Drinking Age in the Military

  • In the "old days" there was no drinking age for military
  • Anyone on active duty could consume alcohol in military installations
  • Now drinking age for the military is the same as the rest of the country
  • 21 years old

Petitions Against the Legal Drinking Age

  • Many petitions taken to lower the drinking age
  • Some just for military
  • Others for the country as one

Responsibilities at 18 years old

  • Right to smoke
  • Get married
  • Serve in a jury
  • Be prosecuted as an adult
  • Join the military

Problems now with the Drinking Age

  • No responsibilities for actions
  • Fake IDs
  • Thrill of breaking the law

Pros of the Legal Drinking Age being Lowered

  • Decrease unsafe drinking activity
  • Diminish the thrill of breaking the law
  • MLDA of 21 is ineffective to teens
  • MLDA of 21 enforcement is not a priority for many law enforcement agencies