January 2016

Our Vision: Support and grow the Prince William County school library community.

President's Message from Beth Bowen

"Every child needs a safe place to fall - a place where he or she can explore things without worrying about failure and judgment. A library is one of those places. In a library you can learn by following your own nose, which is very different from someone telling you what you should learn. Once a kid learns a library is hers, to use as she wants, the world opens up., I've seen it happen. It happened to me". ~Bill Harley

Welcome back to your school library after a, hopefully, restorative break....we open our doors as safe places for children to fall, explore and follow their noses.

PWSLA Seeks President-Elect for 2016

Are you ready and willing to help grow our profession with colleagues and friends? Consider running for PWSLA President-Elect. Contact any of the PWSLA Board Members if interested. See information below from PWSLA's bylaws for what's involved.

Time: President-Elect shall serve for two years. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held every other month, alternating with general meetings, or as otherwise designated

Duties: In the absence of the President, the President-Elect

shall exercise all the functions of the President.

Nominations: Accepted from all members during the month of March.


Fri-Sun. January 15-17
Mt Vernon Virginia Residential Weekend
Teachers will join us at Mount Vernon for a weekend of scholarly discussions, primary source workshops and educational tours. Lectures, workshops and tours will examine George Washington as a politician, private citizen, farmer, and most importantly, a Virginian. In addition to being fully funded, travel stipends are available to defray the costs of travel to Mount Vernon. Applications are due for this weekend on Dec. 14. For more information, including the application. Visit our website.

Middle School Resources for EL Students

Each session is a stand alone PD. One point is awarded professional development for attending the session. Two points can be earned for an ELL lesson that includes a pre-observation, lesson and post-lesson reflection. Presentations run from 3:30-4:30 at Stonewall Middle School. RSVP or to ask questions.

*Print Resources January 13, 2015

*Annotation materials for ELL February 10, 2015

*ESOL Summer Reading March 9, 2015

Saturday March 12, 2016 VAASL Potomac Regional
Battlefield HS 8 am - 3 pm

April 6 – Marine Corp Museum (can also count as professional development)

* Limit 30 people – Registration will open to:

* PWCS librarians February 1st

* Box lunch will be provided for $12

Free Webinars from AASL

Each month AASL hosts several webinars that are FREE to all librarians! AASL members have the advantage of access the webinar after the live event. There are two great topics for December including using Remind in your library and reinventing your space physically, with makerspaces and with student voice.

PWSLA's January Book Giveaway

Congratulations to Angie Hunt Librarian at Minneville ES winner of Circus Train by Jennifer Cole Judd.

To enter the January drawing for a new copy of Fish in a Tree by Jennifer Lynda Mullaly Hunt, click the link:

Fancy, hi-tech manner in which book giveaway recipients are chosen -- just so ya know =>

PWSLA at your Fingertips