Summer Manatee News June 28, 2021

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Manny TV News June 28, 2021
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Manatee Math

Looking for a way to keep your math skills sharp during the summer? Our new Manatee Math program is for you!

The program begins today and runs six weeks, all assignments are due prior to July 26th.

Any student who completes at least five out of the six weeks assignments will be invited to a Popsicles on the Playground Party on July 28th.

Use the link below to print your grade level set of assignments, if you are unable to print please stop school to pick up a copy. Only rising fifth and sixth grade need to be printed on legal size paper.

Turn in your assignments in the box inside the front doors at Manatee Elementary. You may turn in assignments each week as you finish OR as an entire packet prior to July 26th.

If you have questions please email

Click Here for a printable version of Manatee Math

If you would prefer to pick up a hard copy, please stop by our front lobby.

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Way to go iReady users!

Great job to the following students who logged some minutes on their iReady path during the last two weeks. Keep up the great work!


Isabella A.

Bianca J.

Alonzo R.

Fredrico S.

Ellee W.

Sam W.

Haley H.

Avery D.

Austin I.

Adrian P.

Benjamin B.

Zaynab I.

Ruth S.

Jayden S.

Juliana J.

Allison M.

Ian S.

Ny’Lah T.

William F.

Ravi K.

Caiden C.

Quinn E.

Seth G.

First Grade

Alison H.

Sydney R.

Emily T.

Abigail C.

Mayson J.

Isabelle K.

Agathe T.

Larry F.

Avayah M.

Jolene T.

Lana A.

Kira D.

Audrey H.

Charlotte S.

Aodhan W.

Andersen W.

Easton G.

Griffin L.

Kennedy C.

Marco A.

Madilyn F.

Matthew H.

Corey H.

Zachary R.

Khaled T.

Isabelle B.

Benjamin P.

Megan P.

2nd Grade

Jolissa Y.

Dreysen B.

Sydney B.

Janaiya S.

Jalen P.

Miguel J.

Hagen P.

Cal C.

Matthew H.

Reese R.

Colin K.

Arabelle W.

Ugne C.

Iro N.

3rd Grade

Ayden F.

Jeffrey F.

Oliver B.

Austyn S.

Mila S.

Serafina W.

Kamryn S.

Quynh V.

Anjali K.

Anna W.

Dakota B.

Ava H.

Gianna I.

Benjamin R.

Casey D.

Madelyn J.

Edorado S.

Isla A.

Owen S.

4th Grade

Brianna B.

Dylan L.

Ioannis N.

Andrew S.

Kaitlyn C.

Dylan H.

Christopher H.

Francessca M.

Adam T.

Madison B.

Grant M.

Grayson R.

5th Grade

Charles P.

Kristian M.

Luke S.

Elizabeth F.

Micah H.

Moses H.

Brayden H.

Mark J.

Dylan M.

Alyssa M.

Chaisleigh G.

Neveah L.

Savanna W.

Abigail B.

Alana B.

Grace H.

Brielle L.

Oliver R.

6th Grade

Lindsey D.

Ethan N.