Come To London!

By: Lilly Smith

Would you like london?

Do you like traveling to a city with friendly people and beautiful buildings and historical landmarks? If that sounds good to you , you should visit London,England

Here are some beautiful landmarks you should visit in london

  1. The london eye
  2. The tower of london
  3. West minister abbey
  4. Big Ben


They think that in 2031 the immigration will go up to 10 million. And there highest export goes out to india.


  • 51.5072 north & 0.1275 west
  • England
  • It is near the north sea
  • 519.2 km from the Netherlands
  • 502.4 miles from northern Ireland

Human & Enviorment

The air quality in london is 42.71. And the temperature is usually around 0 degrees celsius in the winter and in summer its usually around 32 degrees celsius. Humans help out a lot in london they do things like

  1. build roads
  2. build houses
  3. and they build dams and bridges over rivers


In london the river thames cuts london in half. Also the commom languages are

  1. Polish
  2. Bengail
  3. Gujarati
  4. Punjabi
  5. and English is the primary language

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