E-Recycling and you

By: Joshua Thompson

What is E-Recycling?

E-recycling is the proper disposal of electronic devices that have served their purposes.E-Recycling was set up to prevent some harmful chemicals that are present in many electronics from hurting people or other things that they may come in contact with. Many states have also put laws saying it is illegal for people to recycle electronics with other household recyclables and that electronics are taken to a special area in the land fill for proper recycling. Many electronic companies and manufacturers gladly accept used products due to the fact they can strip it down and use the materials on other products.

Summary of E-Recycling

E-Waste is the old and used electronics that we have used that are recycled and used for further use in the creation of other electronics. E-recycling is also used to keep the harmful chemicals that are in some electronics from being exposed to other people. The electronics often have their own section at a land fill where they are deposited, however they may even have an entire plant dedicated to the recycling of those electronics.

E-Recycling and it's impacts

Many people feel the trade of electronics should be stricter due to the harmful chemicals in them which would take away the need for any e-waste facilities. Many people around the world feel that the way the electronics are discarded is done without any thought of the impact to the environment. However the evolution of e recycling has led to findings that recycling prevents damage to the environment and to people.