Copper Sulfate

Blue crystalline solid used in electroplating and fungicide.

Chemical Formula: CuSO4

Uses of Copper Sulfate

One very common use of this chemical is in fungicides. These are used to kill fungus. Another use is used during electroplating, which is the process of plating one metal to another by hydrolysis. This is most commonly used for decorative purposes and to prevent corrosion.

Chemical and Physical properties of Copper Sulfate

The chemical is usually seen in a blue tint, and it is an inorganic product. It is seen in a series of compounds, based on its current hydration level. The chemical is used to prevent corrosion on metal as well. Copper sulfate also reacts with the human body by attacking organs and in severe situations, shutting down organs and killing the person who has consumed too much of it.

More interesting facts

Copper sulfate can be seen as a liquid, a dust, a more solid form, and even in crystal form! Contact with this chemical can cause irritation, and in extreme cases, organ failure, shock, and death. Copper sulfate is highly soluble in water and it can bind to sediments. Copper sulfate is also known to cause cancer in some animals, but not much research has been done to see if the same affect happens to humans.