Crooked River Elementary School

January/February 2017 Newsletter

Digital Citizenship Certification

We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, Crooked River Elementary is a Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Certified School! Here at CRES we are dedicated to teaching our students how to be safe, responsible and respectable digital citizens. Checkout the Common Sense Media website for more information!

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What's Happening in Kindergarten?

Kindergarten classes are busy learning about American symbols, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We are also beginning our unit on addition and subtraction. Although we will not have a party on Valentine’s Day, the students will have time to exchange cards with their friends. If you need a class list contact your child’s teacher.

Fabulous First Graders

First Grade brought in the New Year busy reading the fantasy story, “The Big Trip” and informational story, “Lewis and Clark’s Big Trip.” The next week, we read the informational story, “Where Does Food Come From?” After reading this story, we had a first grade mom bring in a hen and talk with the children about fresh eggs and the care for chickens. Each classroom had a fun time making butter and tasting it on cracker and bread…yum!

In math, we have been learning how to tell time to the hour and half hour and count/group large quantities of objects. In celebration of the 100th Day of School, the students were invited to dress up how they might look if they were 100 years old. My how some of them aged that day! That day was filled with all kinds of counting activities representing the number 100.

2nd Grade Happenings

We are busy in second grade! We have been reviewing our Language Arts skills and learning how to gather facts and research informational topics. Our topics included penguins, and Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jackie Robinson. Mrs. Widing from the St. Mary’s Garden Club came and shared with us pictures and stories from her trip to Antarctica. We loved hearing about penguins.

In math we finished our unit on measurement and time to the five minutes. Please review these at home. Our next unit is shapes and fractions. Continue to encourage your child to read books and take Accelerated Reader tests. Reading practice makes for more fluent readers!

Terrific Third Graders

In the second half of the year the third grade students have been working hard preparing for the state test at the end of the year. In math, the students are working daily on their fact fluency in multiplication. They love to work on Reflex Math and Prodigy websites! The students have also worked on area of a shape, number patterns, graphing, and word problems! Oh, those word problems have been tricky for them, but they all keep plugging away at it! Keep working on those math facts at home! We want 100% fluency in addition, subtraction, and multiplication by the end of third grade!

Students have enjoyed learning about fossils in Science. They have experienced several hands on activities involving creating their own fossils and recognizing and identifying fossils. Students especially enjoyed the excavating fossils activity. In this lesson, students learned about what it was like to be a paleontologist. They used toothpicks and Q-Tips to “unearth” fossils in a chocolate chip cookie. It is nice to see students so excited about science. We can’t wait to introduce our next unit on habitats!

Recently in ELA and in honor of Black History Month, our third graders enjoyed reading a play about Rosa Parks and participating in several activities incorporating parts of the play. These skills included sequencing, cause and effect, and writing responses to literature. Third grade will also be participating in Black History month by giving book talks, reciting poetry, performing plays, etc. on the CRES morning news show throughout February. Next week our boys and girls are looking forward to reading a passage about Candy Crush, completing activities, and enjoying sweet tarts! Finally, for the whole week beginning February 27th, we will celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday with a variety of fun activities. A flyer will go home the week before so that students know what to wear each day. February is a great month for learning and fun in third grade!

Thankful for Fourth Grade!

Fourth graders have been studying hard in all of their classes. They are enjoying a unit on the American Revolution in both Social Studies and ELA. Mrs. Jones has been testing everyone’s knowledge with task buckets about fractions. The students have loved exploring light and sound in science. They are working on a deeper understanding of sound with stations. Everyone has been hard at work!

5th Grade News

Where did January go? I guess it's true what they say; time flies when you're having fun! And fun has definitely been happening down in 5th grade! We are busy preparing for the Georgia Milestone (which is only a couple of months away!!) but are incorporating fun and creativity into our school days! In English/Language Arts, the students are working hard on comparing and contrasting and informational writing. Please continue to encourage your child to spend at least 30 minutes reading each night. In Math, the students are continuing to work on decimals and fractions. In Science, our students are wrapping up their Earth Science unit and in Social Studies, they are working on A Changing Nation and will soon begin to learn about World War I, the Jazz Age, and the Great Depression. As we are getting closer to taking the End of Grade assessments, please make every effort to have your child at school each day and on time! We sincerely appreciate it!

What's Happening in P.E.?

Students have been engrossed in a jump rope unit. Within this unit students will work with both the short and long jump rope.

For the younger students, we introduce the basic jump rope steps. The hardest thing for most of them is learning how to swing (turn) the rope properly. Once that is accomplished, they then learn how to stay in rhythm with the rope and time their jumps. It is neat to watch those that struggle early on, finally catch on and start jumping their rope! We constantly remind them that persistence is the key.

The older students review the basic jump roping techniques and then move on to various individual tricks and tricks with a partner. With these groups, we give them guidance, but also stand back a bit and allow students to try to figure things out a little more on their own. Again, it’s always great to see that moment “when the light comes on.”

Once students have conquered the short rope, we move on to the long ropes (which we are doing now). Usually, with the young students, we (Mrs. Bentley and I) tie one end of the jump rope to a stationary object and we turn the other end. We start them stationary in the middle, tap their feet 3 times with the rope, and then turn the rope. It takes some longer than others to get the rhythm, but in the end, most students catch on.

The older students are in groups and turn their own ropes. They learn and work on various individual tricks, like running in and getting out while the rope is turning and also tandem jump with others. We incorporate various contests such as; who can jump the most times without messing up. This is an important process because three students have to work together for the one in the middle to achieve his/her maximum jumps.

The jump rope unit always coincides with the Jump Rope for Heart campaign where students raise money to assist the American Heart Association in securing monies for important research and medicines to help fight heart disease and stroke. This is a very important campaign and we all probably know someone who has or had heart issues so please allow/encourage your child to participate. As stated in the letter that went home this week, ALL money raised goes to the American Heart Association and your child has an opportunity to earn prizes along the way.

Starting February 6th, students will be beginning a small introductory to Tinikling, a Phillipine Folk Dance. The traditional dance utilizes bamboo poles, but we use PVC. The poles are moved to a rhythmic beat and there are several dance steps which students will learn and use to move in, out and across the poles.

In Health,

Coach English

Counselor Tips from Mrs. Graw

Anxiety symptoms are common in children and adolescents, with 10-20% of school-aged children experiencing anxiety symptom. Stress raises childrens' risk for insomnia, skin disorders, headaches, upset stomach, and depression. Here are a few tips for helping your child manage their stress:

Acknowledge your child’s stress. Let them know you understand that some situations may be difficult.

Help them identify their feelings. Are they frustrated, mad, sad, confused, overwhelmed? Finding the correct feeling words can help reduce stress.

Validate their feelings. Never tell them they shouldn’t feel a certain way. Focus on the positive as many times children feeling anxious and stressed can get lost in negative thoughts and self-criticism.

Help your child to problem solve. Assist your child to problem solve his/her situation by helping your child to identify possible solutions to resolve the situation. Try to avoid fixing the problem for them or telling them what they should do.

Help your child develop positive self-talk habits. When your child is feeling stressed, they can learn to talk themselves through it using the language “I can do this,” “I am good at this,” or “I can do my best.”

Schedule relaxing activities. Children need time to relax and just be kids. Schedule time each day for your child to play with toys, play outside, yoga, crafts, sing and dance, or just be silly.

Stress Relief in Children

Our January and February classroom guidance lesson will focus on career lessons. Students will learn about a variety of careers and participate in activities. Students also participated in Career Day on January 27th. Seventeen professionals came to our school to share information about their careers, education needed for their job and school subjections important to their profession. Students were able to ask questions and have hands on participation with some of the careers!

Thank you to the wonderful parents that took time from their busy schedules to speak with our students or volunteer to help to make Career Day a success!