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What is a model, Making and using models

A model is something that an object represents.

To help you make and use the model.To also help to know what a model is.

types of models, Models in science

Tell you all the different types of models such as a physical or 3-D models

You would usually use a model in science to see something up close that would usually be big to represent.

3-D models

defination of the vocbulary

3-D models, Diorama, Models, Engineer, Terrarium

A 3-D model takes up space like things that it represents .

A Diorama is a 3-D model that shows a sence from an event or place.

A model is something that represants an object or event.

An engineer uses scientfic knowledge to solve problems.

An terrarium is a model of a natural habbitat that contians living and non living things.

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