Welcome to Arbonne!


Congratulations on starting your Arbonne business and joining this amazing company and team!

You have decided to become an entrepreneur, launch your very own business, and build a life by design. Congratulations! I bet you're wondering, "what's next?" and we are here to answer that.

STEP 1: Welcome

Welcome to the team!!! Listen to this short call....


Super Important: Read (or listen to) Get Over Your Damn Self by Romi Neustadt.

Your second book/Audible will be Go Pro by Eric Worre.


Write down your 21 Reasons Why:


Download and print this START NOW document: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2UgfZFmwrosejMzbDBBQV93WDA?usp=sharing

Here are the options for getting your business tools:


Then watch this video as you go through the document:


As stated in the start now document after you have gone through this form and watched this video make sure you schedule a coaching call to help get you started on the right track!


1) Sound Cloud. This has endless trainings and inspiration. So easy to listen on the road or while doing your daily tasks. Ask your direct RVP for their channel.
2) Voxer. A walkie-talkie app that we utilize for training and quick questions/answers.

3) Audible is great for listening to audio books, personal growth, business development.

4) Photofy AND WORDSWAG are great apps for creating fun flyers/invites in a few minutes.

5) MyOffice app is Arbonne's app for tracking volume, etc in your organization.

6) Shop Arbonne app is a quick and easy way for you and your clients to shop.

STEP 4: DREAM TEAM....Share this Opportunity like the GIFT it is!

You have been given the great opportunity to change not only your own life, but the lives of many, many others. This may not fully register yet, as you are brand new, but the more people you help get what they want, the more quickly you pay this amazing gift forward, the more quickly your own "why" will be fulfilled. This is an awesome training on this very topic: https://soundcloud.com/debbieneal/there-is-no-i-in-team

STEP 5: Preparing for your Demo

Documents you will need to bring to your demo:


  • WELLNESS PROFILE - you will print enough of these out for each person at your demo. We usually bring about 10 to make sure we have enough for everyone there.
  • ORDER FORM - you will print enough of these out for each person as well. They do not have to be printed in color
  • CLOSE SHEET - print these out in color (about 8) and laminate them. You will then bring them to the demo and give everyone one to look at during your presentation.
  • PICK ME FREE GIFT LIST- print these out in color (about 2) and laminate them. You will have these at the demo for people to be able to look at if they place a qualifying order to get a free gift.


STEP 7: Plug in to the team

Weekly Team Zoom: First Monday of every month at 12pm PST
  • http://zoom.us/j/8678036344 is the link for the live zoom. Be on live when possible.
  • Recording info is posted on team page Monday afternoon.
Monthly Meetings:
  • Sacramento: 2nd Thursday of every month. 7-8:15pm
  • Los Gatos: 4th Wednesday of every month. 7pm
  • If you live elsewhere, we'll plug you in the the closest meeting to you. This is once a month and should be an absolute priority on your calendar. It's also a wonderful guest event!
Team Facebook Pages:
  • Your sponsor will add you to these- make sure you check in daily so you don't get overwhelmed


What they say is true...you truly cannot grow your business until you grow YOU. It is not the big things you do but the little things you do that add up over time. Read 10 pages a day of personal growth and that will end up being about 12 books a year. Here are our recommendations for the first 9 books that will help you grown yourself and your belief..

  1. Get Over Your Damn Self, by Romi Neustadt
  2. Go Pro by Eric Worre
  3. Flip Flop CEO by Janine Finney and Lory Minirhead
  4. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero
  5. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
  6. The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers by Hal Elrod
  7. Beach Money by Jordan Adler
  8. Go for No by Richard Fenton
  9. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

How BIG is your vision? Use this vehicle to make that vision a reality. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Big picture
We are here to help, serve, teach, train, support and guide you. Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time. It is my great honor to be of service to this incredible team!!

Your VP Team: