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Dracula was the original thug- Douglas Starr

Today there is much hype for vampires but back then they weren't so attractive as they are now. When Bram Stoker wrote Dracula people were in a panic about crime, even with prosperity among the empires in the Victorian Age the crime rates were still going up. which disturbed people even more with the novel published. Eventually with science they have discovered more things about crime and its behavior. A psychologist Cesare Lombrose said that criminals were born that way, it was biological And sure enough it was partly true with his countless years of work and findings. He spent years interrogating criminals and dissecting the executed ones brains out. He discovered in an autopsy that at the base of the skull there was a small hollow, which was surprising since it was only found in lower animals and "inferior races". The Paul Broca found that the malformation of the brain would cause speech loss and other inabilities, thus connecting the malformations with the criminal behavior. This lead to him creating a subcategory of humans call "criminal man". The traits of such a species would be very primitive like insensitivity to pain or inability to feel shame or empathy. Some even said how most had poor impulse control and usual always resort to violence. Even some physical characteristics attributed such as pronounced cheeks, swollen sinuses, large jaws and many more, but not all agreed with this popular theory. Alexandre Lacassagre felt that the environment played a big factor on criminal behavior. Examples can be like family situation, education and financial status. with this criminal anthropology flourished. With all that evidence it is still not clear whether or not Bram Stoker was using it to create his novel. Even though there was great similarities with the criminal man and Dracula, cheeks, jaw line, craving to pursue evil, and for him specifically to not try to kill a victim but to DRINK ITS BLOOD. Dracula was a clear mirror image of a criminal man. With today's revolutionized vampires and criminals of sorts it kinda makes it feel to want the old stereo type back, he was a thug. How nice it would've been to be able to recognize evil.

Heterosexual Horror: Dracula, the Closet, and the Marriage-Plot-Barry McCrea

This article suggests an interesting view on sexuality and narrative in Bram Stoker's Dracula. It suggests that the two plot strands of the novel—the narrative of Jonathan and Mina's courtship and the Gothic story of Jonathan's imprisonment by Count Dracula—are two different ways of telling the same story, namely that of the marriage-plot. The article suggests that the novel's vampire plot is an expression of the dark underside of its romantic plot. Seeing Jonathan's erotically charged incarceration by Dracula, a wealthy and gallant social superior, as a way of imagining the predicament of the well-married wife has implications for the much-debated question of the novel's relationship to homosexuality and to the “closet.” The argument reverses the more common view of postcolonial theorists concerning oriental-ism and perversion in Stoker's novel by suggesting that what Dracula views as exotic is the domestic, the home, sexuality, and marriage. Dracula, this is to say, is not about heterosexual marriage threatened or perverted but about its successful fulfillment. If Dracula is written from the perspective of a closeted gay man, as much scholarship contends, this article therefore suggests that the gay closet, far from being a site of pure terror and deception, can provide a privileged outsider's vantage point on heterosexual life. In the closet, erotic desire is always at odds with social institutions; Dracula can be read in part as a horrified imagining of what full participation in institutionalized sexuality would be like.

The Terrifying Truth About Dracula-David Johnson

Vlad, or Dracula, was born in 1431 in Transylvania into a noble family. His father was part of the Order of the Dragons, which fought in the Muslim Ottoman Empire. Dracula lived in a time of constant war. Treachery, vindictiveness, and revenge was the way of life. Vlad was imprisoned by the Turks and later the Hungarians.His father was murdered and brother blinded and buried alive. From 1448 until his death, Dracula ruled Romania. He earned the nickname, "Vlad the Impaler" due to his infamous torture techniques. He would impale people and leave them to die an agonizingly slow death. The bodies would be left on the stakes to serve as a warning to others. During one battle, Dracula retreated into nearby mountains, impaling people as he went. The Turkish advance was halted because the sultan could not bear the stench from the decaying corpses. Another time, Dracula was reported to have eaten a meal on a table set up outside amidst hundreds of impaled victims. On occasion he was also reported to have eaten bread dipped in blood. Vlad was killed in December 1476 fighting the Turks, his head was cut off and displayed in Constantinople. He was buried and the contents were taken to the History Museum in Bucharest but have since disappeared without a trace, leaving the mysteries of the real Prince Dracula unanswered.

Real Vampires- Inanna Arther

Vampires, fictitious characters indeed but what if they are really real? Even with the obscene characteristics that are attributed to them there is still people today that believe that they are out there today. even if they are the "legions of the dead" a small minority of people have their hopes for the species to be real. still with many mysteries solved like unknown diseases and hysteria are solve with science,history and sociology.

Some of you would think "real vampires, give me a break! sure there are some weird people out there but they just need a therapist!" its just super natural hoopla, yet those very people may be the reason for this made up subspecies. the weird and awkward people may be the source of the spiritual and cultural assumptions to these species. people of such a species may have the characteristics that would make them seem like a different being. these characteristics may be the need of doing something wrong, desire of supernatural powers(because they feel weak), they're overwhelming sexuality(due to their sexual and intimate issues and the want of immortality (because of their fear of becoming old and weak). All those traits can be traced back to vampirism. some of you may even say what about their need for blood? Well for that just look back in human history. Humans have been drinking they're blood for centuries for various reasons, for power, rituals, status. Whatever it may be there is still a connection to humans and blood drinking. therefore making a breed of people who are "used too" or"crave" drinking blood. Fresh blood is known to have energy and that energy is rumored to only be obtained by vampires thus explaining the vampire drinking blood theory. even with that in the way most vampires don't even drink blood, its because biologically they're confused and want to abstain from hurting people. that is why vampires are known to being grumpy, moody, self-centered and greedy. without they're food source and being constantly hungry i would be that way also. yet vampires usually don't drink blood. plus they don't even attack physically( more with other physical activities...). Now with a vampire that is a complete ramp-id animal then they're a complete psycho and are real vampires;. those to be said that acquire a full amount of energy say that they're behaviors become reverse, so the ones that become "full" were doing everyone a favor no one wants to deal with a grumpy person. With all that said we can conclude that everything you thought you knew about vampires is now wrong! There are vampires out there, just not what you might be thinking. Just ordinary psychopaths trying to live vicariously.