The Kindergarten Scoop

Mrs. Eckenrode's Classroom Newsletter

A Week in Review

Here are just a few of the highlights from this past week:

We practiced the letters N, A, and H. Even though the Eagles are not getting them, I have the students saying the word "touchdown" as they form letters. It helps them remember to begin from the top and work their way down as they write letters. I appreciate you practicing both the upper case and lower case letters with your child at home.

A letter practice booklet will be coming home on Monday. There are recommended activities for him/her to complete each day. If he/she brings the book to school on Fridays with all of the activities for the week completed using their best effort, they can earn a "warm fuzzy". It is very important that the students take their time and try to form the letters correctly like they see in the book. Rushing through the pages only creates poor habits that are difficult to break. Please let me know if you have any questions.

We celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday by reading about him and visiting different centers all about apples. The students even helped to make applesauce for the class. A very special thank you goes out to all of the awesome volunteers who came in to help us with our celebration.

We have begun adding words to our word wall to help build our fluency with both writing and reading high frequency words. This week, we added I and can to our word wall. Practicing reading and writing the words I sent home this past week will help the kindergartners become more familiar with them.

Our students were each assigned one or two sixth graders to be buddies for the school year. They got to know one another and discover their similarities and differences. The buddies are working on Venn Diagrams to show these common interests and ways they are different. Their work together will continue on Monday.

Reading Matters

Below are the books we read this week with a brief description:

Johnny Appleseed

We read about the man who wandered many parts of North America sharing apple seeds with the people he met. To honor his work, we had a special celebration with different centers focusing on apples.

Apples A to Z

Fox, Bear, and their friends lead readers through an apple alphabet--from apple buds and blossoms through nutrition and orchards to the X on an apple pie.

Read Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young

Poetry is essential for children because it is “the best words in the best order.” The rhythm and rhymes can help children develop a love a language—and a love of reading. Once kids begin flexing their writing muscles, poetry can spark their creativity and let their imaginations soar! We read a few poems from this book which has over 200 in it! We read the poem "Big" about all of the things the author can do now that he is a "big" five year old. We then drew pictures in our new journals illustrating the things that we can do well. On Monday, the students will begin writing about their pictures.

What's Next?

Here is a preview of what kindergartens will be doing next week:

  • We will kick off autumn with a nature walk trying to find various items outside.
  • We will read and write about the things we see in the fall.
  • We will continue practicing the formation of letters and numbers.
  • We will practice using the correct spacing between letters and words. I reinforce the spaces between letters within words by saying that they are "spaghetti spaces". The spaces between words are "meatball spaces".

Important Dates

Friday, September 25th: Last day to make September book orders through using the code H3K2T. (I will submit all orders tonight around 8:00PM.)

Thursday, October 1st: Meeting for all parent volunteers who would like to help with Kid Writing this year (11:45 in Mrs. Kraenbring's classroom)

Monday, October 5th: Picture Day

Week of October 12th: Celebrate Education Week (More information will come home soon about it.)

Week of October 26th: Red Ribbon Week

Thursday, October 29th: Field Trip to None Such Farms (A permission form will be coming home next week.)

Pictures of the Week