Tayler Harwood

Something I do well

I think something that i do pretty well is play basketball. I am on the Carson JV basketball team, which I guess that don't mean much. I have played basketball for 11 years. I have worked so hard to make high school basketball. Basketball is a hard sport, I work everyday to get better.
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Describe something I did yesterday

One of the things that I did yesterday was go to Defy Gravity. Defy Gravity is a place you can go to in Charlotte, that is almost like a bounce house. It has trampolines and a foam pit. I went with my best friend Jasmine. We had so much fun. We bounced around for about 2 hours, then had went to Wendy's. I had a lot of fun yesterday!
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Something about my childhood

My childhood I was pretty much learning how to sing and play sports. I played the sports volleyball, softball, and basketball. My favorite one to play is basketball. They are all pretty fun but thats the best one. If I had to put them in order front the hardest to the easiest, it would be, basketball, softball, volleyball. My dad pushed me so hard to be the best singer and sports player in the world, but I don't think I'm the best in the world.

Something I learned last week

Something that I learned how to do last week was how to run a shooting guard. I guess you could call it a wing to, but thats what I call it. I usually play the point guard but since people like to man to man I had to run it. It was kinda easy, I guess you could say because point is hard.
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Something I can't live without

One absolute thing that I can not live without is my iPhone. I have had this phone for almost 2 years and I'm in love with it. I have one of the latest phones i guess you could say, I have the IPhone 5c. If i didn't have this phone i would have no one to talk to. I could not live without my phone!
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Something I love to watch/listen to

I honestly have an addiction to the show Pretty Little Liars. That show is very shocking. I don't even know how to describe it it's so good! I guess i have a variety of music that I listen to. I mostly listen to hip-hop and pop. I like country but sometimes that gets annoying. I have favorite songs but i couldn't name all of them.
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