By: Caroline Henke

Amanda Todd

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated or has the potential to be repeated, over time. A lot of kids get bullied for many reasons. Sometimes people get peer pressured to do stuff they do not want to do which can lead to bullying. The most common reason for bullying is appearance. One story I read online was about a girl, Amanda Todd and she was bullied so much that she tried to drink bleach but she was saved at the last minute. She then died. Amanda was introduced to an anonymous person on Facebook and the person who pressured her to show him a picture of her without any clothing on. Then the same person sent the picture and it went viral. She soon was bullied and teased so much that she had to change schools several times.

Lamar Hawkins

Many situations of bullying can lead to suicide. Suicide is the act of killing yourself intentionally. Here is a story about a little boy named Lamar Hawkins who killed himself because his peers relentlessly bullied him. They labeled him as short, which he did not appreciate. Some actions they did to him were pushing him down the stairs, knocking him out of his chair in the cafeteria, mocked him due to his size and repeatedly attacked him with intent to emotionally harm him. Even though Lamar had a joyous personality, his parents though that his small size made him a target for bullies.

Aija Mayrock

Aija Mayrock is a teenager who was bullied a lot in middle school and then wrote a book that inspired many people around the world, including adults. Her book is called "The Survival Guide to Bullying." She talks about very important tips for you if you're bullied. There is a video that we watched in class and she talks about her personal bullying life and lets people ask questions and she gives them good answers.

This is a video of Amanda Todds never ending story.