Happy New Year Welcome to 2021!

Updates January 7 - 15

Making th Most of Each Day

10 Ways to Make Each Day Great:

1. See each day as a gift
2. Stay positive
3. Be thankful
4. Learn, improve, grow
5. Be a blessing to others
6. Replace HAVE TO with GET TO
7. Focus on Solutions
8. Control the controlables
9. Let go of things you can’t control
10. Be your best Daily!

First Graduate of the New Year

Congrats to Julianna Garcia!

E.O.C. and Graduation

E.O.C. We are still waiting for the results from the Decembers E.O.C. Exams. However, several students have yet to complete their requirements for SB (Senate Bill) 463. THIS IS YOUR INSURANCE POLICY IF YOU DO NOT PASS AN E.O.C.

In short SB 463 allows a student to be eligible to graduate and receive a high school diploma under this section, a student must successfully complete the curriculum requirements required for high school graduation. A student must complete all course work and in addition, must complete the following items:

1. Complete the Apex Tutorial for the corresponding E.O.C. not passed

2. Complete and grade an E.O.C. release test with a score of 70 or better

3. Attend Tutoring.

Several students have placed their hopes on passing the E.O.C. Exam and have yet to complete the requirements of your insurance policy. WE ALSO HOPE YOU HAVE PASSED!

However, for those students that have yet to complete their insurance policy E.O.C. Scores will not arrive until Mid January. Therefore, students, that have not completed their requirements for SB 463 (The Insurance), those students will need to be in attendance Full Time starting January 7, 2021, to complete the three requirements listed above.


Please complete the form as we prepare for the 2021 Graduation Ceremony. All HSoC students are receiving this form, although all students have not yet made the criteria to graduate. Therefore, for those students that have met all requirements, state, and local requirements to participate in a graduation ceremony. If Parents are filling out this Questionnaire, please ensure your graduating Senior intends to participate.

Note: Parents If you are unsure of your student's status do not hesitate to contact us via email.

abenskin@wisd.org or mcunningham@wisd.org

Form: https://forms.gle/qnjH95KSWf4b6sWD9

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