George Stubbs

Painter from the Romanticism period.

Portrait of George Stubbs

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George Stubbs style of art work was a reflection of the time period. This period was known as Romanticism. Many painters in this time period involved alot of detail in their work.

Whistle Jacket

This piece is located in York Art Gallery.
It was made in 1762.

George Stubbs was born August 25, 1724. He first started out studying the anatomy of a human and later used that knowledge to create the anatomy of a horse. He painted during the period of Romanticism. He is best known for his paintings of horses. George Stubbs died July 10, 1806.
George Stubbs lived in Liverpool, England for most of his life.
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he started his career Revolutionary War Romanticism is at its height
in the 1760's starts in 1775 in 1798