November 1, 2006

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Walter Mosley is the author of the book 47. Throughout his writing career, he has won many different awards. One including the Edgar Grand Master Award. He has one a 8 awards, many of them for the books he has written, including 47. Walter's book, 47, won the Carl Brandon Kindred Award. He has a Grammy Award and is also a New York Times Best Selling Author.
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"The mature slaves know that dreams never come true." - This quote is important because it shows that as a slave, your whole life was just work. You worked for a master and the only chance to leave his plantation was to try and run or get traded away to another one. They treated them like they were animals and had no freedom, therefor they could not reach any dreams they had in mind.

"White people gots as many ages as you can count but slaves on'y got four ages. That's babychile, boy or girl, old boy or old girl, an'dead."- This quote truly does show the treatment the slaves got. They were treated like they were a nobody and to the master and the white folks, they had just these four names. They weren't even worth getting called a name.

"And those that did come back were never the same." - This quote is talking about a killing shack they had on this certain plantation. Slaves would be taken there by the white folks on the plantation and tortured either to death or where all there limbs were out of socket. This quote shows the poor life and living conditions the slaves had. They were constantly being beaten and harassed, sometimes for nothing.

Main Conflict

The main conflict in this novel is that 47, the main character, and all the other slaves on Corinthian Plantation, want to become free. But this is a very difficult task with Master Tobias and Mr. Stewart, the slave watcher. In the end, Tall John and Andrew Pike both go to where Mr. Stewart and his men were working. They were digging a hole in the ground to find something. When John and Pike fall in, Pike comes out right before an explosion takes place. This freed everyone from Mr. Stewart but left Tall John dead. 47 led everyone to freedom and gained a new family.


1. One detail that I read about that was interesting was how close the slaves come to each other. For example, 47 grew up with Big Mama Flore. As soon as he grew old enough, they took him away and put him in the fields. It shows you to be thankful for what you have because it can be taken from you any second. Just like many of the slaves were taken from there families and even though they weren't in a good environment, they made the best of it and made a new family.

2. Another detail that stood out to me was the sacrifices Tall John took to free 47 and many of the slaves. It wasn't any easy task what he did. This task eventually led to his death but also led to the slaves freedom.

3. Lastly, another important detail in this novel was the detail actually written in the novel by Walter Mosley. He wrote things that were specified into just how bad things were and what all they went through that led eventually to their freedom.

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Historical References

In this novel, there are many history related things including:

1) Slaves actually lived like these slaves did. They had a "killin shack" at many plantations and many slaves were beaten and killed. Also, slaves as soon as they were old enough worked in the fields sun up to sun down. Lastly, women slaves were not supposed to get pregnant.

2) Secondly, slaves actually did travel to Canada to become free. Many moved there to create new families and become free people. They were long journeys but they left from the south to go up to become freed.

3)Thirdly, there were many people who sacrificed there lives in order to free slaves. Tall John in the novel was like many people were in real life. For example, many people took part in the Underground Railroad in order to free slaves.

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This book was not only a great book, but it also made you realize things that slaves did and went through. This book kept me thinking of what was going to happen next through the way Walter Mosley wrote. It gets rough for the slaves but in the end its worth the read to find out.
Author Walter Mosley