A Pup-date from Mrs. Mahoney

Dec. 2015

Ten Dollar Gift Cards Still Needed!!

We have collected a few ten dollar grocery gift cards to benefit our families that receive a Friday food backpack.....but we could still use a lot more!! Remember, our goal is 55 or more gift cards!! Cards need to be in ten dollar increments only please! Where might you pick some up?? Wal Mart, Target, Hyvee, A Street Market, or maybe Russ'. The cost of two of your favorite drinks from Starbucks is all it will take! Thank you for helping us to help others. The deadline for cards is Wednesday, December 16th!!

We are still looking for a home for the following items that have been donated!! If ANY member of your family could use something on the list...see Vicki or Jane in the main office!

•Youth M short sleeve – 4 (3 are unisex)
•Youth L short sleeve – 1 (Husker)
•Adult S – 2 = 1 short sleeve (female) and 1 long sleeve (female)
•Adult L – 1 long sleeve (female)
•Adult XL – 1 long sleeve (female)
•Adult XXL – 1 long sleeve (female)
•Girls size 12 – black/white dress short sleeve

•Girls leggings – 2 pairs (red & pink)
•Girls sweat pants – 1 pair size 10/12 (green)
•Girls blue jeans – 1 pair size 7 regular
•Girls blue jean shorts – size 10 ½ plus
•PJ bottoms (all female):
4 – Large
2 – medium
•PJ tops (all female):
1 – small
1 – medium
•PJ footy w/basketballs/soccer balls etc. – size M
•Boys underwear: size XL(18-­‐20)
•Snow pants 4T and M (10‐12) neutral colors

size 3 black/green
size 4 red boy’s - New Balance
Size 2 white girl’s - Candie’s
Size 10 ½ white/black/red - boys/mens

Size 8 M boys - black/gray
Size L (9-­‐10) pink/black - girls
Size 10 M boys - black & blue
Size 12 pink
Size 12 gold - girls
Size 13 black - girls
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