Three Questions You Should Ask

if you are a Church Leader in the Gulf Coast area

Are churches and other religious organizations included in the settlement?

Yes! All churches and other types of religious organizations are included in the settlement and may be eligible to file a claim. In order to rebuild the Gulf Coast region, BP has put aside billions of dollars which will revert back to the company if unclaimed. The money you recover can be put to work in your community.

How do I know if my church is located in the settlement’s Economic Loss Zone?

The Economic Loss Zones (ELZ) encompass all of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, and certain coastal counties in Texas and Florida. You don’t have to be located on or near the coast to qualify for a claim.

What geographic areas are included in the settlement?

Click here and check your church address on the BP interactive zone map.

Churches in all counties of Alabama and Mississippi, churches in all parishes in Louisiana and churches in 30 gulf coast counties of Florida and 4 counties of Texas are eligible.

Did my church experience a decrease or fluctuation in contributions?

There are several ways you can demonstrate economic loss. If your contributions were lower in 2010 than the prior year, you probably qualify. Even if they weren’t, you might still qualify.

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All types churches and other religious institutions qualify.

  • In summary, if you operated a church in an Economic Loss Zone and,
  • You experienced a decline in contributions, or even if you didn’t experience a decline, you may qualify.
  • You don’t have to be located on or near the coast.
  • You don’t have to prove direct harm from the oil spill.

The Average Church Economic Loss Settlement as of April 2013 is $47,320

Is there a deadline for filing a claim?

Claims can be filed until April 22, 2014. The process can take several months. You’ll want to file as soon as possible.

It’s quick, easy, and free to find out if your Church is eligible to file a claim.

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