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Weekly Update - Week of October 17, 2022

Fall Count is Officially Here...Still :)

Good afternoon, Blackhawks! This week the fall count period for the 2022-2023 school year continued. Thank you for your prompt communication and hard work completed this week. Be sure you continue to be active in all classes and communicating with Mr. Belluomo and your instructors. Remember, doing so is not only important during this period, but throughout the year, as it will help you to progress and be successful in your online classes. While you may be working from home, we are here and happy to support you in any way we can. Please be sure to respond and communicate any concerns you may have as they come up. Remember, failure to complete work regularly and to communicate can result in a student being considered "absent," and negatively impact their success online. It is important to work consistently, on a daily basis, throughout the semester and to address issues as they arise, rather than wait for the end of the semester to scramble to get it taken care of.

As always, contact the office at 248-627-1820.

EDP and NWEA Completion

EDPs: Each year, the state of Michigan requires that each student complete a portion of their EDP (Career Cruising) in order to begin to and regularly explore future career options along their educational journey. This begins as young as kindergarten. By now, students should have begun or completed their EDP for the year. Mrs. Hogarth walked students through this process last week when they came in for testing. If you student still needs to complete work on their EDP, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the "Parents and Students" tab
  3. Click on XELLO for grades 6-12
  4. Once in XELLO, click on "Begin my EDP." All check marks need to be completed and the percentage wheel must read 100%
  5. For students K-5, please make sure all missions are completed with a green checkmark

Fall NWEA Testing: This week marks the end of the testing window for the fall. Thank you for your work in completing these important assessments. We will begin another round in the winter in order to measure student growth from fall to winter. As that time approaches, more details will be communicated out again.

Fall Count Period Continues...

The fall count period for in person and virtual students is underway. For virtual students, there are a few ways to ensure you are fully counted. In order to be fully counted, each student must do one of the following:

  • Submit at least one graded assignment in each of your online classes on count day
  • Demonstrate steady two-way communication weekly over a period of four weeks, from October 05 - November 01

Students did a great job to start in terms of communicating and submitting assignments. Keep it up. The fall count period lasts from October 5 to November 01. Remember, students being fully counted is extremely important for the entire school community. If you have any questions, please reach out to the office.

Non Homestead - Operating Tax Levy

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MStep Scores

MStep scores are in. We are in the process of getting scores to students and families. Sometime next week, your student's MStep scores will be mailed home to you. Keep an eye out for these and feel free to contact the office for help understanding them.

Upcoming Dates and Events:

  • Thursday, October 20 - Make up picture day for high school students
  • Thursday, October 20 - Choir concert at BHS at 7:00pm
  • Tuesday, October 25 - Trunk or Treat at 5:30pm
  • Tuesday, October 25 - Band Concert at BHS at 7:00pm
  • Thursday, October 27 - Vision testing for ninth grade students

Virtual Financial Aid Night

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Reminder of Expectations

As we continue to progress through the year, here is what you can continue to expect:

  • Expect your student to work for roughly 45-60 minutes per day, per course
  • By now, you should have been reached out to by a counselor regarding your course progress. These will happen once a week. It is extremely important that you respond to communication. Please note that the student needs to respond and be in communication, not just the parent(s).
  • Your main point of contact for content specific questions is your course instructor. If you need help doing so, don't hesitate to reach out to us at 248-627-1820.

Conferences - Elementary and Secondary

Given the nature of the online program, there will not be a set conference day for online students at this time. At any time, you are able to setup a time to talk with your student's instructors. You can find their contact information on Edmentum's website once you are logged in. Again, if you need assistance in doing so, please contact the office at 248-627-1820.

Suicide Prevention Training

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Parent/Student Resources

Here you will find links to resources to help parents and students. Those of you who worked with Edmentum last year may have noticed some subtle changes to the system, as courses are now listed as being Apex courses. An overview of these changes and how to use the system as a parent can be found using the link to parent orientation presentations that is listed below.

Link for elementary overview:

Instructional Model overview for online learning (last page has links embedded to parent orientation presentations):

Brandon Library Teen Event

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Upcoming Brandon School District Events

Counseling Corner

Here you will find links to counselor contact information, information for students, etc. as the year progresses.

Brandon School District's Summit Virtual Academy

Please feel free to contact the office for any questions or assistance.