Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder is the dramatic changes in mood and any random time. The changes can go from being extremely depressed and having a sense of hopelessness and shortly after being in an excited state and very happy. These changes are not your average mood swings that you would see in a teenager, this is an actual disorder and is much worse.


While there is no known cause, it is believed that there are multiple factors that could cause the disorder or put you at risk for having it. The most common cause of the bipolar disorder is when the trait is inherited from a first degree relative, but it can also be caused by a physical change in the brain or an imbalance in the natural chemicals in your brain.

How do I know?


- Feelings of hopelessness

- Inability to experience pleasure

- Fatigue

- Loss of energy

- Hallucinations

- Fidgets

- Trouble focusing on tasks

- Physical/mental sluggishness

What can I do?


- Counseling

- Mood stabilizing medications

- Therapy/psychotherapy