science carreer

by matt vanderleest

Career: military

different jobs in the military:
There are different jobs in the military, for example the air force or the the navy are different jobs in the military. Heres alot more, just click the like and you can read all about the different branches.

Why i think this career is interesting:
i chose this career because it looks awesome to fly planes and i love flying. so i would want to be in the air force branch. It would also be pretty cool just to say that i fought for my country and i would be proud

-Experience/Skills needed:
you need to have schooling and training. Another you would need good grades and a good education. You also need your high school diploma.

-Education needed to obtain this career (Associate/Bachelor/Masters/Special Schooling): You need to go to school for about four years and then special camps for the military men after schooling. Also depending on the branch and job that your looking for in the military, it can be any where for 2-4 years of schooling. Then there is an additional 2-4 years of training and everything

-What branch of science most of this career falls under and why
i Think it falls under life science because we have to deal with wars, government, and fighting for our country every day and its kind of a daily life thing.

-Something you found interesting about the career
I think all the equipment like planes, weapons, and etc. that is in the military and need.

-Where you got your information from? (cite your sources)

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reviewed by mike fitzgerald