The Educational Internship Program

Everything you need to know about Senior-Level EIP

What is EIP?

The Educational Internship Program is such a unique and fulfilling experience. We examine various learning theories, educational issues, and strategies, and we analyze how they apply to you as a learner and as a teacher. While we do meet as a class once a week, the majority of your time will be spent in an elementary or middle school classroom where you will work with a master teacher. The class is taught like an introductory education course at the college level. You will read various articles and books and analyze how different theories and practices work in your classrooms. We also examine videos of master teachers to evaluate how teaching strategies impact learning. You can also receive 4 hours of college credit through UCM and earn A+ hours if you meet the requirements. In addition, EIP counts as a practical arts credit, and you can embed an ELA 12 credit into your experience as well.

If you are interested in participating in the Educational Internship Program, take a look at the information below and talk with Ms. Taylor and some current students to get more information. You can also follow us on Twitter @LPS_EIP to see what interns are doing this year. Please complete this application by February 17, 2022, and have two staff members complete recommendations for you by February 17th. Please access recommendation forms HERE. Print out two copies, give them to two teachers or staff members who can comment on your character and abilities, and ask them to return the forms to Melissa Taylor's staff mailbox by February 17th. You will register for Edu Intern Program Theory and Practice (semester 1) and Edu Intern Program Field Experience (semester 2) with your guidance counselor. EIP requires 2 hours each semester so that you will have time to travel to your school and back to the high school if necessary.

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"EIP has been the highlight of my senior yer. The students and teachers have welcomed me with open arms, and they are so eager to learn and make me part of their classroom. I was thinking about becoming a teacher before EIP, but now I know that it is my career path. Since EPiC has all the students in one classroom, it has given me a different outlook as I've gotten to know so many students' unique personalities. I love going out to recess because I get to have a different kind of interaction with them. Even the shyest students talk to me each time I see them, and I love the connections I've made with them. My mentor teachers are the best possible teachers for me, and I love the way they utilize project-based learning in their classrooms. They are such expert educators in so many ways, and I know I will be better teacher because of my time in EIP with them." --Ellie Hartwig, LHS class of 2021

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"EIP has been such an impactful experience for me! Before my senior year, I decided that it sounded like a really fun opportunity, and I have had nothing but fun all year. I can't believe how rewarding it has been for me. Every day I look forward to seeing the kids in my class. It is a great feeling knowing you have impacted the lives of the next generation. EIP had been the best possible class for me going forward into an education degree. I get to make relationships with the coolest students and help provide support to the ones that need it. EIP has provided me with ideas and plans of what I want to do with my career in teaching and in my life. I have learned about so many topics that matter and affect me. Not only has it prepared me to be a successful teacher, but it has helped me develop valuable leadership skills that can be used in all aspects of life. Because of EIP, I can now be confident about what I want to do with my life and how I want to go about doing that. I am grateful for my time in EIP and will be forever thankful for the opportunities that it brought me. "--Caleb Ezzell, LHS class of 2020

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"Teaching was something I never really had an interest in. I knew I wanted to work with younger children, but teaching was never something that stood out to me. My junior year, I took the class before EIP called Career Exploration. This class is designed for future teachers, but most of the students in the class didn't really know what career path we wanted to pursue. We learned a lot about teaching and went in depth about educational issues. We also did a lot of personality and career assessments to find the right path for us. This class was the start of my future. I started to think seriously about teaching, and senior-level EIP has really showed my passion for educating elementary students. The first day I went into my classroom. I was excited. It made me realize my passion for teaching. Being able to get the full experience of being a teacher helps you decide if it's right for you. And it's definitely right for me!"--Jessica Giles, LHS class of 2022

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"The Educational Internship Program is by far the best experience I have been able to do in high school. Growing up, I have thought of many different careers I could imagine myself doing, such as a pediatric nurse, family lawyer, child psychologist, etc. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I got to high school, but I knew for sure I wanted to work with kids. I weighed many different options for future careers but for some reason, I always went back to thinking about becoming a teacher. If you asked me on the first day of my senior year what I wanted to do after high school, I would have said with complete confidence “Go to KU for nursing.” But here I am less than 4 months later with an answer I never thought I would say: “I’m going to Northwest to major in elementary education.” I can honestly say the reason for that dramatic change is EIP. Since the first day of school, I have been going to a second-grade class and seeing teachers teaching students from a perspective I’ve never been able to see before. Every day is a new experience. Some days I’m helping individual students with spelling words or their work, sometimes I’m just walking around helping whatever students I can, and other days I’m helping the teacher make copies or make a bulletin board--all of which are teaching me what it takes to be a teacher in various ways. I have been able to develop a personal connection with each and every child in that classroom, and getting to see them run up to me yelling, “Miss Anna-Claire Miss Anna-Claire” can take any bad day I’m having and turn it completely around. Working with kids every day is so rewarding and inspiring, and I love how well I’ve gotten to know them individually both inside and outside of the classroom at lunch and recess. Choosing to participate in EIP has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve made in high school, and I could not be more grateful for everything the program has taught me and how I can apply that to my own classroom someday!"--Anna-Claire Matz, LHS class of 2020

Should I take EIP if I don't want to be a teacher?

Absolutely! Many careers involve working with children or as part of a collaborative team. Half of the current EIP students are not planning on teaching, but they report they have gained valuable skills in the following areas:
  • communication and public speaking

  • cultivating a growth mindset

  • leadership

  • how to help others

  • collaboration

  • conflict resolution

  • responsibility

  • creativity

  • patience

  • understanding and empathizing

  • confidence

  • real world problem-solving

  • self-reliance

  • reading higher-levels texts

  • research

  • writing

  • learning how to interact with children

  • adapting to new ways to integrate technology and changes in teaching and learning

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"I didn't really know what to expect from EIP. I had heard great things though, and I wanted to get a real world learning experience in high school. It's basically reassured everything I felt about education, and I know being a teacher is what I want to do. I've had people try to push me toward other career fields, but EIP has shown me how impactful education is and the importance of being a great educator. Regardless of whether you want to be a teacher or not, this class is so focused on learning and personal development. We also focus on talking with other interns on a social and worldly level. I'm practicing how to interact and have real conversations, and I'm learning without being told to do it. This class has taught me how to be an independent learner, and that's something I did not expect. I know I will be much more prepared for college because I was part of EIP."--Paige Hodges, LHS Class of 2021

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"When I first started EIP, I thought I wanted to go into the medical field. To be honest, I only chose to take this class because I love kids, and I wanted to do something fun throughout my school day. Little did I know this opportunity would greatly impact me. This experience has completely flipped my mindset of what I want to do with my future. Going to my classroom is the highlight of my day, every day. I have amazing relationships with all my students. They help me grow and learn, just as I help them. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend multiple professional development opportunities at universities and to present at a regional conference in Kansas, which has helped me improve my presentation and collaboration skills. I am so thankful that I decided to sign up for this internship. I truly believe it changed my life, as I would have completely gone into the wrong career path if it weren’t for EIP. For anyone even considering signing up, just do it. I am so excited for the rest of the year in my classroom. I cannot wait to see how much more I grow with my students."--Maya Klemme, LHS class of 2022
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"I love EIP because you get so much time in your classroom. I been able to create amazing relationships with my students and my mentor teacher. I love working with my students in small groups because it helps my strengthen my teaching skills, and I've been able to teach the whole class as well. I also really like it when we meet as a whole class at Liberty North because we are learning how to teach as we explore educational theories and issues. I learn techniques that I can use in my classroom right away. I've also had the opportunity to attend teaching and leadership conferences that make me a better teacher and student."-- Lucy Chu, LNHS class of 2022

What will I do during EIP?

At the beginning of the year, we explore various topics and ideas that will help you be successful in the classroom. As the year progresses, we meet once a week to discuss important educational issues or to prepare for an upcoming assignment. We focus on four essential questions:

1. What do great teachers do?

2. How does our society and government create barriers and opportunities in education?

3. How do we help students grow?

4. How do I become a great teacher or professional?

What do you do from a student's perspective? Here is a list from EIP students:

  • Help kids with tests and homework

  • Gain teaching experience

  • Work on creating your professional identity

  • Examine learning and psychological principles and theories

  • Make connections with students

  • Do reflective assignments to help you understand the field of education

  • Experience life as a teacher

  • Critique our current educational system

  • Analyze the inequities and problems in education

  • Create materials for student learning

  • Go to recess

  • Visit different educational sites and classrooms

  • Explore educational careers

  • Assess student learning

  • Work with small groups

  • Work with individual students

  • Teach the entire class

  • Go on field trips

  • Do crafts and art projects

  • Preview student experiments

  • Review student projects

Big picture

"EIP is definitely the best choice I've made going into my senior year. While I already planned to be a part of EIP during my junior year, I had no idea how much the experience would change myself and my perspective. I can easily say going to see my kindergarten and 1st grade students is the best part of my day. There's nothing better than being able to see young students laugh, smile, and show their curiosity. Through EIP, I got the opportunity to teach and form friendships with my students. It's heartwarming to see my students light up when I walk into the classroom, to see them eager to learn from me, to see them excited to play with me. I impact my students' lives through their minds and hearts. When you're in the classroom, the students really do look up to you. They don't only see you as a teacher or as a mentor, but you're also their friend and someone they can trust. I have lots of my students who will tell me stories, or tell me how their day's been, or will want to play with me at recess. All of it is endearing to see, and you can't get that experience anywhere else other than from doing EIP. It also feels amazing to know how much help I give to my placement teacher. Not only do I get to observe my placement teacher do lessons and use certain techniques, I'm also making her life a little easier for the small amount of time I'm in the classroom. I've never thought about becoming a teacher in the future, but the more and more I do EIP, the more and more I'm interested in pursuing a career in teaching. EIP is something I'll never regret doing during my senior year, and I'm grateful for the moments and memories I've received through this opportunity. "--Neh Awasom, LNHS class of 2021

What's the best part of EIP?

  • Students love you and look forward to seeing you each day

  • Figuring out how to help that struggling student

  • Organizing games at recess

  • Gaining real world experience

  • Being treated like an adult

  • Being part of a team of teachers

  • Realizing you really want to be a teacher

  • Realizing you don't want to be a teacher

  • The class meetings offer a great classroom environment with lots of strategies you can use with your students

  • Visiting other schools and classrooms

  • The elementary and middle school teachers treat you like a colleague, not a student

  • The assignments for EIP help you as a learner and a teacher--they are meaningful

  • Reading books and articles that impact your life

  • Getting valuable and meaningful feedback

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"EIP is always the highlight of my day! I look forward to my 6th and 7th hour of being in the classroom every single day, and I use my flex-time to stay there longer because I don't want to leave! Last year I was part of the EIP Career Exploration class. I began to love the idea of EIP and couldn't wait to be in the classroom during my senior year. Now, I'm in the classroom learning so much and smiling every day. I've built so many relationships with my students and have gotten to know them as individuals. I love being able to help them grow and see them exceed my expectations on a daily basis. Every single one of my students has a completely different personality which makes them all so unique. It is never a boring day at EIP--we are always doing something fun and learning a lot. Even being in a first-grade classroom, I still find myself learning things that I was never taught when I was in elementary school. My EIP teacher has become a friend and mentor, and having that relationship in EIP makes my senior year so much better. While I am not going into the education, being involved with EIP is an excellent way to learn a multitude of hard and soft skills, build relationships, and be a positive role model for younger students. Being in such a welcoming and comforting environment - no matter what school you're at - makes this experience very fulfilling and meaningful."--Makenna O'Hare, LNHS class of 2022
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"Doing EIP has been the best course choice I've made in high school. I've learned to teach students as a class and encourage individuals, but I've also learned so much about just connecting with kids. The things we discuss and study in class help me be a better intern for my teacher and students. These skills make me feel more comfortable babysitting and even just being in the same room with a child. The kids make me so happy and on the hard days, my teacher is always there to push through with me. I HIGHLY advise you to pick a teacher you had--you will have a "full circle" experience that will change the way you view school and education. Our teachers do so much for us, and it has been an honor to watch them work as part of EIP."--Megan Day, LNHS class of 2019
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"EIP has been an amazing experience, and the 4th graders that I work with are very kind and lots of fun. When my team and I made it to the football state championship, they all wrote letters saying congratulations on making it and to do the best I can in the game. They really want to see their EIP helper succeed. I don’t know why I chose to participate in EIP since I'm not planning to become a teacher, but I had a feeling it would be a good experience. It's been so much more than I expected, and I have really grown my leadership skills and my patience. I have really enjoyed my experience, and I would encourage any student to be part of EIP.”--Joe Knight, LNHS class of 2022

If you are interested...

  • Visit Ms. Taylor if you have questions.
  • Talk to some current EIP students about their experiences.
  • Complete this application by February 17, 2022.
  • Print out 2 recommendation forms and give them to 2 teachers or staff members who can best evaluate your character and abilities. Those need to be in Ms. Taylor's mailbox by February 17, 2022.
  • Register for EIP with your guidance counselor. Most students register for two hours so they have time to travel to their schools. The first semester course is called EIP Theory and Practice, and the second semester class is EIP Field Experience.
  • Ask questions if current EIP students visit one of your classes.
  • Come to an EIP meeting in the spring or summer to meet the current EIP students. You can learn more about the program and give Ms. Taylor more details about what you hope to gain from the Educational Internship Program.