Lessons Learned, Day #9

How to Avoid Invalidating Tests

3rd Grade Reading Test Books-- Due FRIDAY

Don't forget to return ALL of your 3rd grade Reading tests on Friday, no later than 4PM. Please bring with you:

  • A 3rd grade box
  • Test Admin/Proctor Sheets
  • 3rd Grade Reading Bags (not sealed)

When packaging the 3rd grade books to send back, only approximately 20 test books will fit in the bags. Please do not pack more than this because the bags are ripping. Thank you!


As you may know, Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) discovered a problem with the algorithm that assigns testlets to students during the spring window. DLM was then shut down from 6:00 pm Central Time Friday, March 27 until 6:00 am Central Time Thursday, April 2.

Our staff worked closely with DLM to identify the students that were impacted and a solution the discovered problem. Due to the pause in testing, the operational window for DLM has been extended. The DLM operational window is now scheduled to close May 8, 2015.

In spite of the window being extended, we are requesting test administrators to continue to administer DLM testlets in a timely fashion. The deadline for the subject areas of Science and Social Studies, assessed through PEARSON, is not affected and remains May 1.

Dynamic Learning Maps

March 16 – May 8


March 16 – May 1

Scheduling Online Test Equivalents on Measured Progress

Once the EQ test has been published to the school, the test coordinator will need to schedule the student to take the EQ test. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Create a new class for the student.

 Click Administration.

 Click Classes.

 Click Create Course-Level Class.

 Enter a new class name and include “EQ” at the end of the class name so the user can easily tell which class this is. Enter all other pertinent information and add the student who requires the EQ test to the class. Click Save.

Step 2. Schedule the new class to take the EQ test.

 Click Administration.

 Click Test Sessions.

 Click Schedule New Test Session.

 Use the drop down menus to select the correct content area, program (OCCT-EOI Operational), and test (EQ test in this instance). Select the class created for this student. Enter the correct start and end dates/times the student plans on testing within. Click Schedule.

Step 3. Print the student’s test login.

 Click Administration.

 Click Test Sessions.

 Use the drop down menus to select the correct school, content area (mathematics, ELA, science, social studies), program (select OCCT-EOI Operational), and test name.

 Find the student’s class and click View Details/Student Logins.

 Check the checkbox next to the student’s name or check the checkbox in the column heading. Click Print test logins (Avery label 5160).

The student may now test within the scheduled test window using his or her test login.


As part of a student's IEP or LEP, test accommodations are required for us to implement on state tests. Here are some reminders for success:

  1. Make sure the accommodations are clearly written on the IEP or LEP
  2. Check with the teacher to ensure the accommodations have been used during the school year
  3. Online accommodations must be set up PRIOR to the student logging into the computer.
  4. Make sure the Test Administrator/Proctor is aware of the test accommodations for the group being tested.

Almost There!

We are in the downhill slope of paper/pencil testing! Don't forget that all paper tests must be turned in by May 1st!
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Assessment Team

Erin Lester

Becky Baker

Vicki Shannon

Located at the TPS Enrollment Center- 8AM-4:30PM, Monday through Friday