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September 2020

Back to School Night

Back to School Night is almost here! This is another reminder that we are inviting you to our Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 23 from 6:00 - 7:00. We will be holding our gathering, via ZOOM this year and hope that you can join us! I have shared the link to the ZOOM, below. Your students will be able to provide more information in the coming week about our event, including ways that they can earn extra credit. Come meet and say hello to our amazing staff as share their plans for the year. We will also be sharing important information on the following topics:

  1. Parent Square/Student Square
  2. ZOOM Access
  3. Google Classroom
  4. Google Sites (College and Career)
  5. Expectations for Students
  6. Power Outages
  7. Attendance
  8. Earning Credits
  9. Teacher Office Hours
  10. Community Resources
  11. School Office Hours and Contact Information

Meeting ID: 818 3905 7585
Passcode: 670475

JumpStart to the JC

All graduating seniors who will be attending SRJC after high school should participate in JumpStart to the JC program throughout their senior year. JumpStart is a college preparation program offered to all seniors during their Senior year so that upon graduation they are READY for SRJC. We want our students to leave San Antonio prepared for the next step.

Parents are invited to attend one of the Parent Information Sessions during the week of June 21st listed on the link below.

JumpStart Information for Seniors and Parents

Student Awards

41 San Antonio High School students made Honor Roll or did exemplary work in their classes last Spring. During a zoom meeting Ms. Lofton and teachers announced the awards and congratulated students for their hard work during Distance Learning.

Also, each grading period teachers and staff choose a student who exemplifies the spirit of San Antonio to be the Star of the Grading Period. We look for students who are hardworking, show great improvements, and show kindness toward their San Antonio family. We are proud to announce this August/September grading period's star:

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Questions about High School? When Your Teen can Expect to Graduate from San Antonio?

The San Antonio School Counselor, Sharon Howell wants to get to know you and to answer any questions or concerns you have about your teen's path through high school. Request an appointment by sending an email to Don't be shy! She is here to help you understand the high school process and your teen graduate.

San Antonio High School Virtual Counseling Office and College and Career Center

Check out our new website for San Antonio's Counseling Office and the College and Career Center! This site contains information you need to get the full benefit of the services available at San Antonio High School. While on Distance Learning, we want you, parents and students, to have access to information about San Antonio, graduation requirements, jobs, work permits, Work Experience, SRJC, and the "nuts and bolts" of San Antonio. We will continue to add information to this site to support our students and families.

Art Corner

Art Classes take a Virtual Tour of Florence, Italy

Ms. Garcia's art classes reflect on a virtual tour of Florence, Italy:

Samuel Weber: per 2

The thing I found most interesting was Batticellis Venus, because I seem to see it around downtown Petaluma quite a lot. The statue of David was the first thing on the scavenger hunt, and can be found in the streets of Piazzas. This statue was created by Michael Angelo between 1501-1504 out of marble. My favorite, Botticelli's Venus, was painted in 1480 by Sandro Bottecilli. Botticelli's Venus is located in central Italy. The most famous bridge in italy located on the Arno river. This bridge was famous for the unique architecture. The baptistry is one of Florence's oldest and beautiful buildings. It was designed by Lorenzo Ghibate in 1059. The art in Florence is very revolutionary and is studied by people all over the world.

Oliver Altamirano: per 2 On my scavenger hunt, in Florence, I found many historical objects.I found a statue of Michalengelo’s David in front of the Museo Di Palazzo. Right after I found Michalengelo’s David, I found the Birth of Venus in the Uffizi Gallery. The painting is about the goddess of beauty being formed by Zephyr’s winds. Then, I discovered historical architects. I found the Ponte Vecchio bridge which is next to Uffizi. The Baptistry is the last part of the tour which was to me probably one of the most important buildings. The Baptistry is Florence’s oldest building and was inspirational to many artists. The most interesting part of the tour is Michalangelo’s David. David is a big marble statue made by Michalengelo back in 1501-1504. The statue is amazingly detailed for being sculpted in marble and for being as tall at 17 feet! I find it astonishing that Michalangelo’s David was so detailed for the time being, 1501. Florence is such a wonderful city with many beautiful pieces of art and I wish someday to visit this place.

Alumni Profile

We are pleased to announce the wedding of Donald Rettick to Heather Alfaro on September 20, 2020. Both are graduates from San Antonio; Heather graduated in 2010 and Donald graduated in 2011. They began dating while working together at Safeway.
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August and September Birthdays

Funes, Kevin S 8/1/2003

Pfaff, James M 8/1/2001 20

Contreras Torres, Judith 8/2/2004 1

Saldana, Isabella 8/9/2002

Kassis, Joseph J 8/16/2003

Villasenor Ocana, Erick 8/17/2002

Hall, Kiela A 8/25/2003

Adams, Daniel L 9/3/2005

Montefalcon, Julius G 9/8/2003

Sousa, Nicholas L 9/8/2004

Chavez, Jeovany 9/10/2003

Hagel, Austin D 9/10/2002

Prado-Blanco, Yulitza 9/26/2002

Chapin, Terrence G 9/27/2004

September is Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide is preventable: for every person who takes their life, another 278 people have thought seriously about suicide and don’t make an attempt.

If you or a friend has been feeling suicidal there is help. Check out the websites below, or talk to one of the San Antonio Mental Health counselors--you are not alone, and there are people who want to listen.

Click here to request an appointment with

Nikki Jackson, MFT, or Val Cartwright, MFT

(you can also ask a teacher or counselor)

or check these websites out for more information:,,


9/11 A Day of Service

To commemorate 9/11, students at San Antonio made pledges to make make their world a better place. Here are some of their ideas and pledges:

  • Although I won't be able to volunteer this year because of Covid-19, I will help around the house and do extra chores for my parents.

  • Make hygiene goodie bags for the homeless.

  • Call my grandparents.

  • You can go look at the 9/11 memorial. and see all the names and first responders who served in 9/11.

  • Spending nine minutes and 11 seconds in prayer for those who lost their lives and help someone who needs help.

  • Post something on social media in honor of 9/11 and donate food and cloths.

  • I will be the best big brother that I can be to my siblings.

  • Support suicide prevention and speak up about mental health

  • Go to a first responder and thank them for their brave service.

  • I will read my little brother a book.

  • Teach my family what 9/11 actually was and have a discussion.