To Kill a Mockingbird Casting Call

Analyzing Character Traits

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Atticus Finch

For the role of Atticus Finch, I have decided to cast the actor Kevin Spacey. His talent for fitting roles and ability to act out wisdom is a perfect match for the character of Atticus. Some of the traits he'll be emphasizing are as follows:

  • Wiser than most people in the community
  • An extreme sense of patience with his children and foolish people in the town
  • A strong sense of courage for standing up for what is right even when it's difficult

Theme Connection

One of the main features with Spacey's performance will be the importance of fighting for social justice, even when it is unpopular. This captivating performance will force audience members to reflect personally on what they can do to cause positive social change. In many ways, this is one of Harper Lee's main goals with her novel in the first place.