Tuesday Tech Thoughts

Beth Rihtar-- Instructional Tech Coach, Park Ridge, Illinois

Check your permissions!

With everyone adding/attaching/embedding items from their Google Drive to their website, just a quick reminder about permissions! It's very important to make sure that your permissions are open, or otherwise parents won't be able to see your posts. In your doc/slides/drawing, etc. go to Share ---> Get Shareable Link. This will show you the current permissions. The default is "Anyone in District 64 can view". To open permissions to the public, hit the down arrow next to "Anyone in District 64 can view", and then more, and then "Public on the Web". Then Save, then Done! As long as your Drive objects have open permissions, people from the outside can view them.
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BrainPOP! update!

Tim, Annie, and Moby are getting a new look. Read here for information about the update, and see what changes they've made. One thing that's really nice about this update is that it's more mobile-friendly, for our families that are using BrainPOP! at home. Remember, you can share the login/password for Field with your students (via email, login "license", etc.), you just can't publish it on your website.
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Beth Rihtar

Job-embedded professional development; talks to teachers about tech integration, best practices, efficiency, 4Cs; Google Certified Educator, bassist for the Northwest Symphony Orchestra; teacher of 20 years.