Nikola Tesla

By Taylor Brazil & Bishrab Sen

Nikola Tesla

-Born July 10,1856

-Died Jan. 7, 1943

-Graduated from University of Prague in 1870's

-Moved to United States in 1884

-Had a partnership with Thomas Edison

Life as an inventor

Nikola Tesla invented many thing like the Tesla coil, the Radio, and many other things. He was also the holder of over 40 patents. He worked with Thomas Edison.

What did he invent?

Fun Facts


Edison used false propaganda techniques to lure people into using his Direct Current energy. In one instance, Edison shocked a bunch of pets with Tesla's AC electricity to show how dangerous the current was.

Wardenclyffe Tower

Tesla was building this wireless transmission tower to prove wireless power transmission. Tesla could not finish the project because of monetary restraints. The majestic tower was sadly demolished at 1917.