The Thirties

A Newspaper

Music of the 1930's

Popular Types of Music in this Decade:

Big Band Jazz:

Popular Musicians in this Decade:

Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday

(August 4,1907- July 6,1971), (December 12,1915 - May 14,1998),

(April 14,1915-July 17,1958)

Louis Amstrong: What a Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong invented scatting which is when you sing nonsense words such as do-wop, sh-do-be-wop, do-bop, etc. instead of singing actual words.

Frank Sinatra: New York, New York

Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit

Fashion of the 1930's

Women's Wear:

Women wore long dresses, flower patterns, and shoulder pads.

Women Accesories consisted of fur shawls, hats worn at an angle, clues, and fancy gloves.

Women's Hair was cut short and wavy like a bob.

Men's Wear:

Men wore fedoras, overcoats, and double-breasted jackets.

Double-breasted jackets were jackets with over-lapping flaps.

Recreation and Leisure in the 1930's

Entertainment in this Decade:

People went to theaters, clubs, and drive-ins. For fun they gambled, played board games, and watched movies.

Famous Stars in his Decade:

Famous Stars include Greta Garbo, Katherine Hepburn, Lou Gherig, and Mel Ott.

Food during this Decade:

For breakfast most Americas ate fruit, eggs, coffee, milk, and cereal. For lunch people ate sandwiches, with lemonade or milk. For dinner most families ate potatoes, chicken, coffee or lemonade.

Politics in the 1930's

Presidents during this Decade:

Herbert C. Hoover; (1929-1933)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt; (1933-1945)

President during World War II

Scandals during this Decade:

1932- North Dakota Governor required all of his colleagues to give him part of their salary.

Wars during this Decade:

1936-1939: Spanish Civil War

1939-1945: World War II

Economy during the 1930's

Economy during this Decade:

Most Americans stopped working and we were in the middle of the Great Depression.

Unemployment Rate in this Decade:

In 1933 the unemployment rate was 25%

Shortages in this Decade:

Shortage of Jobs and Money.

Tax Rate in this Decade:

In 1930 Herbert Hoover raised the tax rate from 25% to 63%

In 1935 FDR raised the tax rate to 79%

Inventions, Technology, and Print in the 1930's

Inventions in this Decade:

Electric Razor: 1931

Trampoline: 1934

Ballpoint Pen: 1938

Instant Coffee: 1938


To make life more fun and easier.

Sports in the 1930's

World Series Champions of this Decade:

Philadelphia Athletics: 1930

St. Louis Cardinals: 1931,1934

New York Yankees: 1932,1936,1937,1938,1939

New York Giants: 1933

Detroit Tigers: 1935

Olympics in this Decade:

Winter 1932: Los Angeles, United States

Summer 1936: Berlin, Germany

Values and Culture in the 1930's

What were the people's values?

Money, Food, Shelter, Survive

What did people think of colored people and women?

Colored people were ignored and didn't matter

Women were weak and useless

There were no revolutions.