Made By: Alyssa Suchy and Hailee Stryker

1) How does changing weather patterns cause intense heat, drought, and fires? 2) How does this affect ecosystems (good and bad), people, and agriculture? 3) What is changing weather patterns?

1) Changing weather patterns cause these because everything is off cycle from seasons starting earlier and it continues to get extremely hot during the summer and not raining nor having moisture in the air.

2) When weather patterns change, plants and animals are affected by it too. The changing weather patterns are making the world warmer and there isn’t much rain so the effect to this is every plant is dying and people are struggling to get good crops.

3) Changing weather patterns are climate changes that last for long periods of time.

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1) Where is this a concern? 2) What causes changing weather patterns? 3) Why are weather patterns changing now?

1) Changing weather patterns are a concern because it can cause intense heat, droughts, and fires. These problems with destroy habitats, wildlife, forests, and anything else in its path.

2) The greenhouse gases that are from human activities affect the frequency of extreme weather events.

3) The rising global average temperature is associated with changes in weather patterns. The extreme weather events are likely to become more frequent.

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1) How are weather patterns changing? 2) How does weather patterns changing affect human's everyday life? 3) What effect do the wildfires, droughts and intense heat waves have on the environment (good and bad)?

1) Weather pattern are changing by humans polluting the world with greenhouse gases.

2) It is affecting human’s everyday life by destroying buildings and sometimes it's wiping out complete towns from the extreme weather events that occur.

3) All of these issues can cause a lot of damage to the environment, and population. Wildfires can destroy habitats, forest and wildlife. Droughts can take out a lot of marine life if a water source dries up, it also can destroy crops. Intense heat can cause plants dying, water sources getting extremely low and a whole lot more.

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1) Why do intense heat waves occur? 2) Why do droughts occur? 3) Why do wildfires occur?

1) Heat waves occur when there is high pressure in the air. Since higher pressure moves slow, it isn’t getting circulated

2) Droughts occur when it does not rain for weeks on end during hotter months and the water starts to dry up and most plants die from not getting enough water to survive.

3) Wildfires occur from heat waves and drought. They occur mostly in forest from dry air and climate changes.

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