No more Girls on Boy Teams

By: Austin M.

Should boys and girl play on the same team yes or no? I thank no. I have experience, they have leagues for girls, and if girls can't play in the MLB they shouldn't in travel ball
I have experience of a girl on my team. They show off and they do not treat you right. I had a girl on my Hooks team. She almost toke 1 hour before 1 pitch and the game feels like 9 hours
Why do girls even play on boy team when they have leagues for girls.They made softball for girls not for boys.They made the WNBA for girls and the NBA for boys.
If girl can't play on the MLB team why can they play in travel ball. It is not girls dream to play in the MLB it is boys dreams. Boys don't like girls being allowed to play on boy teams.
That is why girls should never ever play in the MLB or the NBA. They should play in softball or the WNBA.