21st Century Learning

What is it? How should it be Implemented?

Learning from our past

21st century learning is the future of learning. It combines the research and the studies of the past to give learners the best experience and education required to live in an increasingly knowledge based society. 21st century learning is there to prepare the students of present for the future and to make sure they are successful and that no one is left behind.

Preparing for our future

As part of the 21st century learning experience, the lessons will be directed to prepare us for the globalized world of the future. Individual focus will be increased and students will have a better grip of technology than the previous generation. This can be done thanks to the advent of the internet. Each child will be able to receive specialized education according to his strengths and interests and this can possible by having a wide range of options when it comes to courses. Different methods of teaching those courses that correspond with the learners need will also be implemented like auditory, visual etc.

An inquiry based world

Inquiry based learning is the type of learning where the learner, presented with a problem, is assisted by a teacher, peer etc. and this helps him work and develop solutions for the problem. This method works better than the method where you would have to memorize information as this promotes understanding and allows the learner to develop analytic as well as experimental skills.