Warrior Weekly

December 7-11, 2015

Beating the Winter Blues--Suggestions from Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen sends us updates regularly. This month he sent a really pertinent article on helping kids to beat the winter time blues. Some of his suggestions included:

  1. Follow the Leader: When students are in small groups or teams, their group leader will “lead” the rest of the students in their group on a walk around the classroom (to music, of course; use the song “Follow the Leader” by Soca Boys). If the leader claps, everyone else claps. If the leader goes left, everyone on the team goes left. Do this for 45 - 60 seconds.

  2. Cross Laterals: The group leader will “lead” the rest of the students in their group by showing unilateral and cross lateral movements. The rest of the team mirrors the actions of the leader.

  3. Ride my bus/car/train: All students sit in a circle within their group of 4-6. The leader rotates his/her chair so their back is to the group. Then, looking forward, the leader puts up her hands as if on a steering wheel of a bus. You put on fast music. The other students are officially “passengers” on the leader’s wild bus ride. Whatever the “driver” of the bus does, all student passengers follow along. If the bus driver turns a hard right, all student passengers lean hard right. Do this for 45 - 60 seconds.

  4. Play sports: The group leader will start the process by demonstrating a favorite sport. If their sport is baseball, then the leader stands in a crouch, swings at a ball, then “runs to first.” Other students in the group all mimic the leader’s sport. Then the student to the right of leader “plays their favorite sport”. Others mimic that person’s sport, too. Each gets about 30” until all have played every other’s sport. Great fun, participation and variety.

  5. Running, walking, moving. You can have each student do some workout in place while others mimic it. Or, put on music and let each student take a walk around the room. You play clips of 5-7 pieces of varied music and the students have to walk in a way that fits the music.

The Schedule this Week!

Monday, December 7 SWIMMING!
  • 3:10--Special Needs staffing
  • 7:00--Christmas Program--Grades 1 & 2

Tuesday, December 8 MORE SWIMMING!

  • 8:30--PTO Meeting
  • 9:45--Kris in observation
  • 11:30-12:30--Barbara Pedersen, Jeff Pedersen, Jim McMIllan and a visiting principal will be here to meet with Kris and then do a quick tour of our building.

Wednesday, December 9 SWIMMING AGAIN!

  • 7:35--Brigette will be leading us in technology training. She will send details out a bit later. Special Needs staff will be watching a video in the Conference Room.
  • 3:00--Speech Case Conference

Thursday, December 10 KEEP SWIMMING!!

  • 7:35--Staff Meeting in the Media Center
  • Grade 1 to Amish Acres

Friday, December 11 Last Day of Swimming!

7:35--RtI--Chris, Debby, Teresa, Natalie, Colleen, Charlotte, Wendy, Kris