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Miracle Team, November-December 2015 Newsletter

Antonia Schoembs, Director

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A little note from me......

Congrats on a great end to 2015 !

This newsletter is for November and December 2015, which were some of the busiest months this year. Our Holiday season was so successful and even though we all had some busy family obligations, as a Team, we really pulled in some high sales! Way to go !

We have added a few new members to the Team so I want to give you a little backstory on me and how things work. If you are receiving this newsletter, it is because you are on my Team(Schoembs' Miracle Team). I am your Director(although I may not be your sponsor) and it's my job to help you succeed in your business. I am here for coaching calls, training and any questions you may have about your business. I use to be home full time with my 3 year old daughter Lillian but I decided to pick up a contract job 2-3 days a weeks. I have been married to my husband Kris for 4(this June will be 5) years. He is my biggest 31 supporter and my best friend. If you also don't know, I am a nerdy accountant! I have been an accountant for 15 years. I am currently a mom/wife first, 31 Director and then a Senior Accountant Contractor. I currently work Mon, Thurs and Fridays. My time is flexible though so I can always change what days I work. I am always available via text, email or Facebook message. Always feel free to contact me anytime!

The thing I love about Thirty-One is the flexibility. As you can see this is a 2 month Newsletter that has been well overdue. This is due to the facts of life. My family suffered some loss and hard times this winter and sometimes its hard to balance life/work. Thirty-One Gifts gives us the joy of flexibility so things happen and then you adjust.

We are a sisterhood of support and encouragement. I am here for you always and truly want to help women with their goals and passions. I am also a good friend. If you need to talk about non-31, I am here for you!!

Enjoy the November & December newsletter.

Our January Newsletter will also be distributed this week!

Now on to business!!!

Warmest hugs,



Joined us in November 2015

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Book a support/training call with me! I am always here. Let's set your goals & make a monthly action plan!


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Congrats on ending 2015 on a great note! GO TEAM SCHOEMBS!!!!!!!! Go Team Miracle!!!!