Leonardo da Vinci

by Modesto Benitez

Born April 15, 1452-Died May 2, 1519


2.what was his occupation?

His most occupation was being an Artist.

3.what was his city, country of birth?

He was born in Vinci, Italy.

4. 3 facts of Leonardo DA Vinci

-He painted the Mona Lisa

-He was unschooled

-He made flying machines

6.answer the following 3 questions

a.how did society change because of what this person accomplish?

he built canals for people to drink water.

b.what did this person create or invent that created change or beauty for other people?

he created the Mona Lisa that a lot of people liked.

c.how can a belief in the worth of the individual create change?

he was a head of his time that he created a lot of useful things in his time.