Reel History, End of Course

Favorite Film

My favorite film that we watched this semester was Pearl Harbor. A reason that Pearl Harbor is my favorite is because it shows the struggle of how Rafe and Danny grow up together wanting to fly and then they both eventually go into the military to fly. Rafe then goes on to leave Danny and Evelyn, a girl that he had fallen in love with, and then Danny gets shot down over seas and everyone thought he died so then Danny eventually fall in love with each other. About 3 months after Rafe goes missing or dead he returns home because of a French fishing vessel that saved him. He finds out that Danny and Evelyn are in love and loses his best friend that he had grew up with. But then once the war starts on Pearl Harbor they come together and eventually fight off the Japanese planes and shoot down a few forcing them to leave without a third round of bombs.

Film With the Biggest Impression

The film with the biggest impression was Braveheart. This movie showed how one man, William Wallace, a farm owner in Scotland leads an attack on the English. Where William is from not everyone is going to swear an oath into the British army so there for they are getting heavily taxed and need someone to lead them to fight back against them. This left a big impression on me that it doesn't take a bunch of people to make a difference, you could take charge and be confident and people will follow you and agree.

Least Favorite Film

My least favorite film is the Alamo because of how bad the acting is and I never thought it got interesting.

The Most and Least Interesting Time Period

The most interesting time period was the World War because i liked the way the battles were fought and it was more modern with their tactics. For example, the guns were upgraded and the fights went from ground to air as well and in the sea. This was not available during the Civil War.

My least favorite time period is the Civil War because of the tactics they used standing in fields face to face and just shooting men down. I thought that was pointless and helped nothing.

Events from 1600-1945

Staring in 1607 with the establishment of Jamestown, this was the first settlement in the Unites States. During the summer on 1619 the first African slaves were brought over to Jamestown to work on the new settlement. In 1664, The colonies have expanded up north and New York is founded. During 1770 the Boston Massacre broke out and the start of a public protest. 1773 was the Boston tea party, when there were more than 300 barrels dumped into the harbor in protest of the tax on tea. So far these events have resolved and made more conflict on the growth of the new world that is evolving at a rapid pace. 1775-1783 was the American Revolution or the War for independence. 1776 the Deceleration of Independence is adopted to help keep some rule over the country and fights/battles to a minimum. 1791 the Bill of Rights are ratified. 1804 Lewis and Clark head out West to find a route to the Pacific Ocean. 1828, the first national Railroad began to be built, this has now expanded the way goods will be transported. 1860 Abraham Lincoln is elected President. 1861-1865 the Civil War started. 1865 Lincoln gets assassinated. This lead to protesters and unrest among the United States. 1914-1918 begins the start of WWI. 1915 begins the technology boom. This brings a whole new era of electricity, communication, and transportation. 1935-1945 the start of WWII.