Room 212 News #14

December 6

Winter Celebration

Our class will be reading about, and investigating penguins starting this week. We invite you to join us on December 18 from 1:45 - 2:45 for penguin crafts and a special snack. A reminder, any food sent in to share with the class must be completely nut-free. See sign-up below.

Hour of Code

This week, your children will participate in the Hour of Code, a world-wide initiative to interest students in computer science. Our class will work with Mrs. Miller's kindergarten on Monday December 7 at 9:05 in the library with our Media Specialist, Mrs. Rhode. Parents are welcome to attend.

To find out more about the Hour of Code, or try it at home, click on these links:

Math - Frames and Arrows

As you can see in the homework, students have been introduced to a new activity for extending number patterns. Frames and Arrows is a great way for first graders to explore finding missing numbers by following a mathematical "rule," or for them to examine a pattern of numbers to try to determine the rule. We'll be using Frames and Arrows throughout the year. If your child is struggling, remember, it is a new concept and encourage him/her to use a number line or number grid to find the answers.

Tiger Paw Celebration

Our class is invited to a Tiger Paw celebration on Friday afternoon. Students will join another class in the multi-purpose room for games and a snack. This is a reward for following Bryant's PBIS expectations - behaving in safe, respectful and responsible ways.

Encouraging Independence during Centers

Each day, students spend time at literacy centers during our Guided Reading block. During this hour, students are expected to check the Work Choices chart and visit the various centers pictured there. Every week there are at least three "paper jobs" that must be turned in to me, using the blue basket. The most common paper jobs are the word ladder, If I Can Spell (word families) and a writing piece. Ask your child, what centers did you visit today? Did you turn in your paper job? Were you called to reading group? What book are you reading with your group? For some, this hour can be challenging because it is a long block of time when students are responsible for managing their behavior and the work they accomplish.

Soon we will also begin Guided Math. This will take place about 2 to 3 times per week and the format will be similar. I'll be meeting with small groups of students (from 3-6 children) for targeted instruction, and the rest of the class will be visiting different math centers. These centers may be games, problem solving, or using technology to work on math skills.

We'll be having conversations at school about being responsible during center time and reviewing center work expectations as we launch Guided Math. This would be a great time to talk to your students about what they are accomplishing during center time.

Currently, when students do not complete all their center work, they are spending some indoor recess time finishing it. However, as we move through the school year, the expectation for independence increases, and students who do not complete center work will bring home a Think About It sheet as a consequence. This provides a way for the student to reflect on his/her choices during centers, and also allows for communication between home and school regarding the issue.

Brrrr... Winter Gear

Please put names/initials in or on all winter gear. Students go outside unless the actual temperature or wind chill is zero or below. A doctor's note is required to stay indoors during recess.

Thank you!

The students have been enjoying the many snack donations.

Pattengill Book Fair - December 7-11

The Family Event will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 9 from 5-8pm. Please support the fair as it is the only fundraiser to provide new books/materials for the Pattengill Library. For those of you who like to shop early, you can shop online at our Book Fair now!! Online shopping is available now until Friday, Dec. 4. Click the following link and shop away! Shop Pattengill's Book Fair Online Questions, please contact Mrs. Schreck at Many thanks for your support!

RAZ Kids - Leveled Reading at Home

Reading levels have been adjusted on RAZ Kids to better match your child's independent level. For some students, this may mean dropping down a level or two, so reading can be fluent and s/he can answer the quiz questions more accurately. Other students may skip up a level or two, to provide an adequate challenge. Let me know if you, or your student, has any question about the RAZ Kids reading level or the website. Your child may log-in at:

Teacher - amedeiros1

Students have their own picture password.

Dates to Remember:

  • 12/18 Winter Celebration 1:45
  • 12/21 - 1/1 No School for Winter Break