Tangerine times

MOYA done right

Tangerine Times

The issues

News around Town.

1: Muck fire continues, more lighting has started it up again.

2: Mike Costello dies in a lighting strike.

3: The Fishers move in, this includes Erik Fisher who is a star football player.

4: Paul's mom has tried to change the football practice time because of the death.

5: A sink hole has appeared under the school building

6: Houses are being overrun with termites.

7:The war eagles have beat the whirlpools in a soccer match.

8: There has been a case of vandalism at the fair.

9: There has been a change in management after the sinkhole. New city planners have been employed.

10: Some petty thieves have gone around staling from us.

Erik Vs Paul

Erik and Paul Fisher are two sides of the same coin, lets examine their differences.

Point 1

Erik: Erik is a star football player.

Paul: Paul is a starting soccer player for some local teams.

Point 2

Erik: Erik is loved more by his family, they play favorites and don't hide it

Paul: Paul is the ignored by his family and is considered a nuisance by his family.

Point 3

Erik: Erik has no disability and has no physical or mental handicaps.

Paul: Paul is legally blind and as such is required to wear glasses or sports goggles.

Mike Costello's death

Mike Costello's death is one of the tipping points of suspicion in the book and highlights the weirdness of the town while still being tragic. The events of the death are listed here.

At first Mike is leaning up against the goal post. The thunderstorms then hit the goal post and he dies. The paramedics try C.P.R. and shocking him with a defibrillator but this fails. Then Mrs. Fisher tries to campaign for a more safe time of day to practice, this is partially successful.Then the funeral is held where the family is better accepted by the community. This event highlights and combines with all the weirdness in this town. The event was so common that they were able to list events like this in the past. It goes with the plot well.

Issues with young people

Young people have issues, let's examine them

Issue 1: Bullying

Cause: Insecurity, or a need to feel important.

Effect: Physical or emotional harm.

Issue 2: Alcohol and drugs

Cause: Sometimes there is peer pressure to take drugs.

Effect: Addiction is a possibility. Also, you can get into legal trouble.

Issue 3: Apathy for grades

Cause: Ignorance to the fact that giving your best efforts today will influence your future.

Effect: Less choices for college entrance, career choices, and possibly less well-paying careers.

Community projet

The People of lake Windsoler will be having a hockey team. This was created in Mike Castello"s honer. This was his second favorite sport. Come with all hockey pads and a stick. Boys only. The rink will be next to town hall. They will be held at 5:00 P.M. next Tuesday. Hope to see you there.