Solar Energy!

By:Zoukah Fatfat


Solar energy is something I've tacken an interest in and that's what the information given below is about!

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is created by the sun, and another term for solar energy is solar power!

What Do We Use Solar Energy For?

Solar energy is used for warmth. It is used to warmth homes and water. The way we get the solar energy is by using solar collecters. They collect the energy given to us from the sun!
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How is solar energy created?

Solar energy is started when the sun's light hits a solar collector, then it is used for warmth!

How Is Solar Energy Useful?

Solar energy isn't only useful in terms of its use for heat but it also minimises the mount of electricity we use! This means less money on your bill! The way this happens is with solar collectors! You can have them installed to your roof!