Hydroelectric power

The clean and renewable way of generating electricity

What is hydroelectric power

This takes natual preasure of the flow of water to create power. This way the water can be used again and again making it a renewable reasource for power. This way of generating electricity is very old and one of the oldest way to create power.

Effects on the water

The water in this process is not harmed at all and is very clean

In 2010 59% of electricity was generated be hydroelectricity

Environmental effects

Using hydroelectric power dosen't create pollution from burning fuels. The water is used but comes out at the end. The power generation plant does reduce the inhabitants of fish.

Long term effects

Hydroelectric power reduces green house gas emissions. This form of power last along time. Rain will renew the resivior.

Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario generate the majority of hydroelectric power

Effects on humans

Building a hydroelectric Danm is a big investment but the water is usually free and the operation and maintenance cost are low. Hydroelectric power creation dosen't harm water or air.